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This tutorial covers Traktor's Filter:92, Filter:92 Pulse, and Filter:92 LFO effects....

This tutorial covers Traktor’s Filter:92, Filter:92 Pulse, and Filter:92 LFO effects.

Traktor 2 features three built-in effects models after the filter circuit in Allen and Heath’s Xone 92 mixer, which are covered here in depth. First, we take a look at the vanilla (but delicious) Filter:92 effect, before moving on to the Pulse and finally LFO effects. All three effects provide unique mixing and performance abilities, and all feature a convenient but dramatic reset button.

Unlike a traditional DJ-style filter, with high-pass in one direction and low-pass in the other on one control, the Filter:92 effect allows for control over both simultaneously. This allows DJs to precisely notch-out one frequency band of their choosing, or mix songs in and out using filters in both directions. The BRJ or “bandreject” button switches this behavior from something similar to a bandpass filter to a bandreject, allowing the opposite audio through the effect, allowing for very dramatic drops. However, the “DJM” button allows DJs to access the effect as a DJ-style filter as well.

The Filter:92 Pulse effect uses an envelope follower to coordinate sweeps of the same modeled filter circuit. In the video tutorial, its sound is explored in depth, and each of its parameters is covered. The Pulse effect works best with drums or other audio with gaps or noticeable transients. In other words, audio with visible space between and visible contour to its waveforms  will work best with this effect.

Finally, the Filter:92 LFO is explored. In the video tutorial, applications of both the tempo-sync LFO modulation as well as the free-running version are explored in depth. This effect sounds fantastic in combination with scratching and the other two Filter:92 effects. Like the other two, it also features a convenient reset button.

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