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Improve your music production skills with ADSR

Master music production fundamentals, sound design, music theory and your favourite production software

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  • Unlimited access to all ADSR courses
  • Includes all new courses
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per year for life *
  • Unlimited access to all ADSR courses
  • Includes all new courses
  • New courses added every week
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Everything you want to learn in one place

Enjoy unlimited access to every course no caps, no restrictions
Master proven techniques and get tips & tricks from expert practitioners
Watch on any device with a browser and an internet connection!
750+ hours of content. New tuts & courses added weekly


Jumpstart your music production career

The course subscription is the most useful music subscription I pay for. I'm constantly impressed by the quality of the videos! Michael Hines (US)
Hi, This is a very good help. I enjoy learning & practicing all ideas...let´s keep on producing! Cheers. Ricardo Texidó Medina (Spain)
The guys at ADSR are not only very knowledgeable but also very helpful! They were prompt and professional, not to mention a fair priced business as well. No complaints! Braydon Furneaux (US)

Includes 254+ video courses from ADSR and...

ToolromFaderProCR2The Pro Audio FilesBassgorillaQuantize

Plus courses from Echo Sound Works, SeamlessR, Shoogle Studios, Studio Slave, Beat-Tweaks, Mastering EDM, Slam Academy, Vespers and more!

Make better music today!

You pick the topics. You decide where and when it's convenient to learn. Select your enrollment plan and get instant, unlimited access to every course. You can watch on any device, all you need is a browser and an internet connection!
Since everyone's situation is different, we offer a range of enrollment plans. You can pay with PayPal; use a credit or debit card; choose if you get billed every month or once a year; and of course, you're free to switch or cancel your plan at any time.
New tuts and courses are added to ADSR's course library every week. Our team of educators includes musicians, producers, designers, DJ's and engineers working in different genres and using different tools, techniques and instruments. We are committed to covering everything from the fundamentals of music theory and sound design to the latest production software and newly released hardware. Just like you, we are dedicated to learning and improving so if there's a topic you think we should explore then get in touch!
Offering over 750 hours of video instruction on just about every digital music topic – ADSR's course library is the best place to hone your skills and to discover new interests you didn't even know you had! With unlimited access to every course we offer, you'll find the instructions to solve your specific problems and improve your workflow straight away. You can also browse the library in your own time to get inspired with new techniques; assess software before you buy it; or test your hand in totally new areas from building an instrument to live performance. ADSR Enrollment means you'll never stop learning!

What is ADSR and What is ADSR Video Course Enrollment?

  • ADSR is resource for makers of digital sound and music. We offer sounds and samples as well as written and video tutorials and courses to help you improve your creative productions from every angle. ADSR Video Course Enrollment is a subscription streaming service that provides unlimited access to our library of paid course content.

What do I need to enroll and start watching videos?

  • All you need to enroll is a way to pay and a device that has a browser and a working internet connection. That could be a desktop or laptop computer, a smart phone or a tablet, you can even access your account via an internet-enabled TV.

I have a free trial, will I be charged as soon as it finishes?

  • No. We don’t ask for your credit card up front, so we can’t charge you until you decide you want to purchase an Enrollment. You’re always in control. At any time during or after the trial, you can decide if you want to continue and we’ll ask for your payment details then. If not, — you can cancel with the click of a button, no questions asked.

Is there any limit to the number of videos I can watch?

  • No. When you enroll at ADSR Courses you get unlimited access to all our video courses for the duration of your enrollment. No caps, no restrictions - You don't have to finish a course to start a new one, you can watch the same video as many times as you like and/or watch as many different videos as your time permits.

Can I download courses for offline viewing?

  • No and Yes. Our enrollment plans allow for streaming access only which means they require a working internet connection at all times to access. However, if you really like a course and want to download and keep it, pricing details and other relevant download information can be found on the listings page for each course.

Which Payment methods do you accept?

  • We support payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. All payments are processed in US dollars.

How can I change or cancel my enrollment?

  • There is no long-term contract, so you can cancel your enrollment at anytime. Visit your payment settings to cancel your enrollment and we'll set your plan to expire at the end of your current billing period.

I've already paid, but changed my mind, can I get a refund?

  • If you change your mind after paying for enrollment you should let us know ASAP by emailing [email protected]. You can only get a refund if you cancel your enrollment within the first 3 days after paying for a monthly or quarterly enrollment or within 7 days for annual enrollment. After this time your plan will be considered “active” and you will have access your account for the full term of the billing period.

Do you offer special pricing for Group Enrollment?

  • We can offer special plans for your school or organisation - Contact Us for more options

I previously subscribed to ADSRCourses.com how is this service different? Can I access my account here?

  • If you previously subscribed to ADSRCourses.com you will know that this was a subscription service we offered from a separate site. After reviewing customer feedback we have been busily working to integrate the streaming service into our main site and to answer customer suggestions with a whole host of optimised features. This includes intuitive navigation, more flexible payment options, integrated customer service and higher quality streaming. Unfortunately this does mean you need to unsubscribe on that platform and re-enroll here but we're confident that we can make it worth the change. You can contact support for step by step instructions and assistance on how to do that or any other questions or comments you may have whenever you are ready.
By clicking on the "Enroll" button, you are agreeing to the ADSR Enrollment Terms of Use, please read them carefully before proceeding. Your Enrollment will begin instantly on completion of the registration and payment process. Please be aware that your ADSR Enrollment will continue on the selected billing cycle i.e. month-to-month, quarterly or annually until terminated by you. You can cancel your ADSR Enrollment at any time. If you cancel your enrollment, your account will automatically close at the end of your current billing period. You can find information about billing cycles and next payment dates by visiting our website and clicking on the "Subscriptions" link in your account drop down. To cancel your enrollment, go to the "Subscriptions" page and follow the instructions for cancellation.
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