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How to Make a Flexible Razor Organ for Cinematic Projects

This sound was too good to pass up! Although not a traditional tutorial video, this Razor organ instrument is flexible enough to also sound like strings and much more!



[aside title=”Cinematic Sounds!“]This flexible Razor organ instrument is a shapeshifter, allowing you to use it in a variety of different ways![/aside]

The creator of this particular sound said it was inspired by Hans Zimmer, and I can hear it! This Razor organ, as he is calling it for lack of a better name, is so incredibly flexible and dynamic that it can literally be used in dozens of projects and never quite sound the same twice. In both videos you can see and hear it moving between the sounds of strings, pads, soundscapes, organs, etc. This instrument is ideal for film scoring and gaming projects. Of course, it can easily be used in just about any kind of modern music production to add a little drama to the mix. A great sound to draw the listener in and really capture their attention!

Since there is no spoken instruction in this video you are left to pause it several times throughout to match up all of your settings to recreate this Razor organ for yourself. Of course, you can aslo download the patch for free by following this link. But personally, I feel like you can learn a lot by trying your best to make this one on your own. As you work through making it, you will find many other absolutely brilliant stopping points that are worth saving as different versions of this sound. I found many that can easily be transformed into even more great instruments!

And for those of who really want to see how far you can take a sound like this Razor organ, try resampling it in your DAW after you have gotten it to a point you really like inside of Razor. If you layer this kind of sound with other similar sounds, or alternate versions of this same sound, you can end up creating some very unique and impressive new instruments for your projects! But just used on its own this is obviously a very flexible instrument. Call it what you like, it’s pretty awesome!


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Visit: How to Make a Flexible Razor Instrument for Cinematic Music


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