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Get ready to ignite the dancefloor with our latest preset pack, Dance Momentum for MIDIGRiD!...
Dance Momentum for MIDIGRiD
Dance Momentum for MIDIGRiD
Dance Momentum for MIDIGRiD

Dance Momentum for MIDIGRiD

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Get ready to ignite the dancefloor with our latest preset pack, Dance Momentum for MIDIGRiD! Harness the mind-blowing generative power of MIDIGRiD to create electrifying ideas and melodic sequences for Dance & EDM. Crafted by our in-house sound wizards, Dance Momentum takes full advantage of MIDIGRiD’s unique and innovative features.

MIDIGRiD is a generative MIDI sequencer that creates intricate melodic sequences that evolve over time in response to your creative inputs. Featuring an intuitive workflow and powerful generative controls, it’s an easy, fun, and incredibly powerful creative tool that can inspire new and insightful musical directions so you can create your best work ever. Our MIDIGRiD presets help you get started faster by setting up the grid with all the nuances of the genre. Remove creative friction and hear your sounds in their best melodic light.

Load these presets with your favourite synth and sounds and instantly immerse yourself in the pulsating beats, euphoric melodies, and infectious energy. If you can stop yourself from getting sidetracked dancing in your studio you will find your creativity soar as these presets effortlessly guide you through the intricate layers and irresistible rhythms, igniting instant inspiration for your tracks.

Experience the euphoric rush of mind-bending arpeggios, captivating chords, dynamic sequences, and so much more. This preset pack is your ultimate toolkit, ready to elevate your productions to legendary heights. Get in the zone with Dance Momentum for MIDIGRiD and infuse your music with the authentic vibes and explosive energy that will make the crowd go wild.

But wait, there’s more! As a special bonus, we’ve hooked you up with an exclusive bonus kit for ADSR Drum Machine. This kit is all about delivering that extra punch to your dance tracks. We’ve crafted 16 original samples, meticulously mapped, processed, and programmed with killer patterns that will make your beats explode. And that’s not all— we’ve even thrown in some bonus samples for you to experiment with, allowing you to mix and match within the kit or use them however you please.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your Dance & EDM productions to the next level. Unleash your creative momentum with Dance Momentum for MIDIGRiD and get ready to make the crowd move like never before. It’s time to unleash your inner EDM beast and create dancefloor anthems that will leave a lasting impact!

Pack Contents:

  • 50 Generative Presets
    • Arps
    • Chords
    • Leads
    • Plucks
    • Sequences
  • + 5 x Bonus Presets!

PLUS Drum Machine Bonus Kit – Dance & EDM

  • 16 samples mapped to a pad + 6 bonus samples
  • Each pad is processed and programmed with a 4-16 bar pattern
  • Samples & Patterns provided are Royalty-Free for use in your musical productions

Total Number Of Files:

  • 78
  • 6.5 MB

System Requirements:

Please Note:

  • As a MIDI generator, MIDIGRiD does not create any sound on its own. You must route the MIDI data to the synth of your choice.

System Requirements:

Don’t have MIDIGRiD?
Find out more about Generative MIDI Sequencer:
Don’t have ADSR Drum Machine?
Find out more about ADSR’s Epic Beat Maker:

The demo is provided for reference only and is not provided Royalty-Free. It can not be used or published as is, or used in your derivative work.

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