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Unlock the Sonic Essence of Stormzy's Genre-Defying Sound Stormzy has redefined UK hip-hop...
Blind Flow
Blind Flow
Blind Flow

Blind Flow

Drill, Hip Hop ALSO INCLUDES Neo SoulR&BRapTrap
Construction Kits, Samples & Loops ALSO INCLUDES ADSR Drum MachineADSR MIDIGridDrumsMIDISerum Presets

Unlock the Sonic Essence of Stormzy’s Genre-Defying Sound

Stormzy has redefined UK hip-hop and grime with his unapologetic lyricism, high-energy production, and seamless blending of genres like R&B, gospel, pop, and more. Now you can infuse your tracks with the raw power, lyrical prowess, and sonic experimentation that defines his groundbreaking style.

Introducing “Blind Flow” – a comprehensive sound pack that captures the very heart of Stormzy’s musical identity. Dive into over 3.7GB of original samples, loops, MIDI files, and presets that embody the gritty, emotive, and genre-bending essence of this trailblazing artist.

Elevate Your Productions with Stormzy-Inspired Sounds

  • 7 construction kits packed with hard-hitting drums, gritty basslines, atmospheric pads, and emotive melodic/vocal elements
  • Versatile one-shots, loops, and MIDI to craft your own unique UK rap, grime, and genre-blending tracks
  • Bonus content including a custom drum kit for ADSR Drum Machine and generative MIDI presets for MIDIGRiD

Whether you produce straight-ahead grime, fuse these sounds with pop and R&B, or push the boundaries of UK urban music, “Blind Flow” gives you the tools to create tracks that resonate with listeners on a deep, visceral level.

An Homage to a UK Hip-Hop Icon

This is not an official Stormzy release, but rather a labor of love – our tribute to an artist who has forever changed the face of British rap. Use these sounds to elevate your own productions and let your creativity soar to new heights, just as Stormzy has done.

Discover the power of “Blind Flow” and infuse your music with the essence of the UK’s most influential rapper.

We have gone to town with the bonuses with not 1 but 2 bonuses including a fully programmed kit for ADSR Drum Machine AND 5 presets for MIDIGRiD, ADSR’s generative MIDI sequencer.

Blind Flow is a summer house producer’s dream. This original Drum Kit for ADSR Drum Machine includes a curated collection of samples mapped and programmed to make the most of Drum Machine’s advanced rhythmic and processing features and get you started on your next hip hop anthem.

Blind Flow for MIDIGRiD is a punchy pack of 5 presets for MIDIGRiD, ADSR’s Generative MIDI Sequencer. Designed to get you going with creative ideas, you can use them as is or tweak the presets to generate new and unexpected patterns.

Pack Contains:

  • 7 Full Construction Kits
    • Including Loops, shots, serum, MIDI & stems (over 300 files in total)


  • 33 Drum Loops
  • 40 Synth Loops

BONUS – Blind Flow for ADSR Drum Machine

  • 1 fully programmed Drum Kits
  • Kit includes 16 samples mapped to a pad + bonus samples
  • Each pad processed and programmed with a 4-16 bar pattern
  • Samples & Patterns provided are Royalty Free for use in your musical productions

BONUS – Blind Flow for MIDIGRiD

  • 5 presets for MIDIGRiD
  • Royalty Free for use in your musical productions

*Note that MIDIGRiD presets generate patterns and do not include playable sounds

Download the 30-day free demo and get inspired today! Xfer Records’ Serum

  • Bonus Drum Kits require latest version os ADSR Drum Machine
  • Bonus MIDIGRiD presets require latest version of ADSR MIDIGRiD
  • Don’t have ADSR Drum Machine?
    Find out more about ADSR’s Epic Beat Maker:
    Don’t have MIDIGRiD?
    Find out more about Generative MIDI Sequencer:

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