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Bitwig has released Bitwig Studio 2.5, an update to the fast-evolving DAW that vastly improves...


Bitwig Studio 2.5 Improves Plugin Performance and Streamlines Audio Editing

Bitwig has released Bitwig Studio 2.5, an update to the fast-evolving DAW that vastly improves the performance of plugins, including the prevention of crashes of a project from plugin issues, as well as introduces new Clip Blocks functionality, new sound content and various other improvements.

What’s New in Bitwig Studio 2.5

  • Clip Blocks: Teaching your clips new tricks.
    • Whether building an arrangement or crafting a performance, clip launching is essential to any modern DAW. And with the added concept of clip blocks, new arrangement possibilities are now available.
    • By leaving a blank slot between a group of clips, you have now defined separate clip blocks that Bitwig Studio’s Next Action feature can jump between. Treat these blocks as sections, and now your clips can automatically navigate your arrangement. Possibilities abound.
  • Plug-In Hosting Overhaul: Crash protection and so much more.
    • We’ve done a lot of work under the hood to improve plug-in hosting in Bitwig Studio. We’re also introducing new hosting modes and made it clearer how the hosting modes work, to help you choose a setting that is right for you–from light on resources to super-secure.
    • Within Bitwig. Plug-ins are loaded along with the audio engine. This requires the least memory, but any single plug-in can crash all audio.
    • Together. Plug-ins are sandboxed together, separating them from the audio engine.
    • By manufacturer. Individual sandboxes are created for each plug-in manufacturer. (This can be necessary when plug-ins need to communicate with one another.)
    • By plug-in. Individual sandboxes are created for each plug-in used. When a plug-in is used multiple times, its instances are sandboxed together, sometimes reducing the required memory.
    • Individually. Individual sandboxes are created for each plug-in used. This is the most memory-instensive option, but the safest.
  • Audio Editing, Deeply Simple: Now with Audio Slide
    • From the start, an audio clip in Bitwig Studio could contain any number of audio events. This uniquely powerful technique is a user favorite, but they have (unsurprisingly) asked for more. So with version 2.5, audio editing has been streamlined while preserving the advanced options.
    • One new feature here is the ability to slide audio. This keeps the clip in place while you freely move the audio within it. Dropped in a file that doesn’t start on the downbeat? Slide it immediately without leaving the Arranger. Or select multiple clips and slide them all by the same amount. Spend less time on edits and more on music.
  • Notes That You Can Morph Selector your adventure.
    • Bitwig Studio’s various note FXs allow you to expand your music by arpeggiating, harmonizing, delaying, echoing, and more. And with the new Note FX Selector device, you can sweep through endless layers with one simple knob. Whether you are creating small variations or taking a performance to exotic new places, this device puts the whole musical journey within arm’s reach.
  • Stereo Split: For width and beyond
    • A simple but effective container device, splitting your audio stereo signal down the middle, allowing you to build two separate chains to process left and right individually.
  • Firming Up The Foundations: Better finding, zippier interface.
    • A few framework elements have been improved as well. Browser search results are now ordered by relevance, and plug-ins are scanned faster. Some import and snapping methods have been improved, only one copy of each plug-in is shown by default. And more than 50 functions have been added as user-defined key commands. Because the less you are thinking about your workflow, the more it is doing for you.
  • New Sound Content: Analog Waves The building blocks of synthesis – classic sources ready to go.
    • Coinciding with Bitwig Studio 2.5 is “Analog Waves.” Designed in collaboration with Boxed Ear, this package comprises 60 Sampler presets, each made with hundreds of full-frequency oscillator waveforms. From rumbling lows to guttural mids and sparkling highs, a full-bandwidth sound is the best way to bring analog sources into a digital environment.
    • If you prefer polished presets, then the ready-to-go sounds will have you covered. But this pack is also ideal for your own sound design. By wrapping all 760-some samples into a single multisample, one click will load all the pure and layered oscillators so your sound sculpting can begin. (Don’t worry; our recently revamped Sampler is made for any number of samples and layers.)
    • Analog oscillators are a thing to behold — and Bitwig Studio natively works with them. But when hardware is out of reach, this rich set of samples proves to be an excellent sidekick.

Pricing and Availability
Bitwig Studio 2.5 is free for all license holders with an active Upgrade Plan with the purchase price for new users being $399 USD. You can visit the Bitwig website to learn more about the technical details surrounding the changes in the 2.5 update.

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