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Akai Professional has released the latest update, 2.4, for their MPC line (MPC X, MPC Live and...


Akai Pro Releases 2.4 Update for MPC, Adds 28 New Effects and Mother Ducker Sidechain

Akai Professional has released the latest update, 2.4, for their MPC line (MPC X, MPC Live and MPC Software 2) that adds 16 classic Pro Tools AIR effects, 12 all-new effects plugins, the new Mother Ducker sidechain effect, and clip program enhancements.


  • 16 Classic FX from ProTools:
    • AIR Distortion: Instantly adds color to audio signals with multiple modes, and scalable amounts, of distortion.
    • AIR Enhancer: Enhances the low and high broadband frequencies of an audio signal.
    • AIR Ensemble: Applies fluid, shimmering modulation effects to the selected audio signal.
    • AIR Filter Gate: Highly-acclaimed plug-in that chops an audio signal into staccato rhythmic patterns with variable filtering, amplitude, and panning.
    • AIR Flanger: Applies a short modulating delay to the selected audio signal.
    • AIR Freq Shift: Shifts the audio signal’s individual frequencies, creating a unique effect.
    • AIR Fuzz-Wah: Adds color to an audio signal with various types, and varying amounts, of transistor-like distortion.
    • AIR Kill EQ: Instantly mutes the Low, Mid or High broadband frequency range independently from an audio signal – a popular effect with DJs and is commonly heard in contemporary electronic music production.
    • AIR Lo-Fi: Bit-crush, down-sample, clip and rectify the selected input signal.
    • AIR Multi-Chorus: Applies a thick, complex Chorus effects to an audio signal.
    • AIR Non-Linear Reverb: Applies a special gated or reversed Reverb effect to the audio signal, creating a synthetic, processed ambience.
    • AIR Phaser: Applies a phaser to an audio signal for that much sought-after “wooshy,” “squishy” sound.
    • AIR Reverb: Applies Reverb to the audio signal, creating a sense of room or space – perfect for Effect Send inserts or Main Effects inserts.
    • AIR Spring Reverb: A faithful emulation of the classic spring reverb sound.
    • AIR Stereo Width: A useful plug-in that creates a wider stereo presence within the source audio.
    • AIR Talkbox: Instantly add voice-like resonances to selected audio signals.
  • 12 All-New Plugins
    • AIR Channel Strip: Specially written for MPC this channel strip combines multiple sections with a super-fast interface for getting incredible results. The equalization section features a high-pass filter, low shelf, high shelf, and a fully parametric mid-band. The dynamics section includes AIR compressor and gate algorithms, which are perfect for achieving hard-hitting drum sounds.
    • AIR Compressor: A production mainstay. Use this Compressor to change the dynamic range of a signal by automatically reducing its gain if it exceeds a certain level.
    • AIR Delay: A classic stereo delay featuring a feedback path that has a filter within it to shape the tonality of the repeats. The Ratio and Width parameters enable you to a achieve a wide range of stereo delay effects.
    • AIR Diff Delay: Delay line effect that is synchronized to the session tempo and uses an adjustable amount of diffusion, thus emulating the dissipation of echoes in reverberant space.
    • AIR Filter: Applies a filter to an incoming audio signal and then applies a selectable type of distortion and reduction to the filtered signal.
    • AIR Maximizer: A limiter specifically developed for professional mastering.
    • AIR Noise Gate: A classic gate effect with a dedicated denoise section to achieve a smoother gate effect with less audible chatter.
    • AIR Para EQ: Four-band parametric equalizer with four independent EQ ranges.
    • AIR Pitch Shifter: Transpose the pitch of incoming audio; a range of pitch shifting algorithms gives you a variety of flavors to experiment with.
    • AIR Pumper: Pumper creates a rhythmic pumping effect, similar to that of sidechain compression, with an assignable speed, depth and envelope shape.
    • AIR Transient: Add more attack to drum sounds, reduce the level of reverb or increase the sustain level a bass guitar.
    • AIR Tube Drive: Emulates the sound of the signal being played through a mildly “overdriven” tube amp, creating a warm, smooth-sounding distortion.

Also new in MPC Software 2.4 is the inclusion of the Mother Ducker and Mother Ducker Input plugins – this much-requested pair of processors enables users to achieve side-chain ducking effects in the MPC Standalone or desktop software. Additionally, the internal architecture of clip programs has been significantly improved, allowing MPC users to play up to 16 programs simultaneously – when changing tracks or changing a sequence, clips will continue to play accommodating greater flexibility in live performance scenarios.

Pricing and Availability
MPC 2.4 is available now. This update is free for existing MPC Software 2 owners (2.0 – 2.3). MPC 2.4 is available as a new purchase for $199.99 for non-MPC product owners or as an upgrade from MPC Software 1 or MPC Essentials for $99.99.

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