Make Big Bass Sounds With Zebra and Zebrify

This week we’ll take a look at making some of the bigger Bass sounds in life, and we are going to use Zebra and Zebrify!

To make big bass sometimes you have to go a little bit further then you would normally do, in this video I start my sound out in Zebra, I make sure it’s a big sound and it has plenty of harmonics to play around with.

After I have done this I am not nearly done with my sound, first I am going to bounce it down to convert it from MIDI to audio. Now there’s a lot more I can do with is, for example reverse the file, stretch it out easily chop it up in nice rhythms.
I Can also split the sound up in different frequency bands here and process each band differently, for example I might make the low-end mono and the high frequency’s very stereo.

I also have the ability to automate filters and bounce the sound down again, if you do a lot of stuff like this it will generate a very complex sound in the end, where lots of stuff is happening.

And now Zebrify comes in really handy, because we can use it as an insert on our audio channel, which means that we have pretty much all Zebra FX on an audio track!
So we can set up LFO’s here and MSEG’s to start all over again with our sound, you can repeat this process until you happy!

Personally I love this workflow where I use both Zebra and Zebrify together to get rich and complex sounds, try it yourself, it’s great!

- Jor

Category: Zebra Tutorials