Studio Update Growl Glitch Bass Tutorial for NI Massive

Another great NI Massive video tutorial from EmcFRAKTAL showing you how he designed a cool growl bass, and then add some glitch effects and sub bass to make it awesome!

He never disappoints in his videos, which is why we love him here at, and this installation is no exception. Going above and beyond the call of duty, pointing out a bunch of features, techniques and reasoning that went into making this sound possible while he runs through the steps you need to follow to recreate it yourself. This is a ton of time, talent and effort being put forth, so if you like what he’s doing, please take some time and visit his various social profiles, websites, etc and show some support!

It does take a few minutes to get into the making of the patch, but the things shared at the beginning of the video may be of great interest to a lot of you folks out there using Ableton live, and/or a Windows PC user into adding some glitch elements to your productions. The actual bass instrument designed in NI Massive starts out with OSC1 running the AdditiveOctaves wavetable in Bend -/+ mode and dropped two octaves. This is then routed through a Band Reject filter.

A Performer controller is then set up to modulate the amp parameter of the main oscillator, as well as the cutoff and bandwidth knobs of the Band Reject filter. Some phasing is introduced through the Modulation OSC panel and a Parabolic Shaper is inserted. This wraps up the sound design portion of the video for Massive. The rest of it focuses on using and manipulating the sound inside of Ableton. You can use any DAW, of course, and achieve the same results.