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Learn NI Massive in hours, not weeks. MAKE THE MUSIC YOU WANT! Updated Course - Completely...
4.9 stars, based on 56 reviews NI Massive Masterclass - Learn Every Function & Feature Of Massive
NI Massive Masterclass - Learn Every Function & Feature Of Massive

Learn NI Massive in hours, not weeks. MAKE THE MUSIC YOU WANT!

Updated Course – Completely remade for Massive 1.4

11 videos / Over 3 hours of expert tuition on every single feature and function of NI Massive.

Every feature, button and knob in Massive thoroughly explained – the most comprehensive NI Massive video course available!

I’ve been using Massive for over a year now and learnt more in an hour of the course than I had in the past 12 months! Thanks for pulling this together, great job!

Alex Bradway

Who Else Wants To Master Massive in hours and make PRO music?

Oscillators – Massive’s sound source

This is Massive’s sound source and the starting point for designing any sound you can think up. With 3 Oscillators containing over 80 wavetables along with the noise generator, Massive’s sound sources are a mountain to climb!

In this video we break down each knob on the OSC panels; give you a solid intro on how to use wavetables; and, show you how to manipulate them to make those sounds in your head a reality. You’ll also start to get an understanding of modulation and get tips on how to use the Noise Generator and Feedback module.

It’s an extreme journey into Massive’s Oscillators that will literally jump-start your ability to create those brain-bleeding sounds Massive is so famous for.

Filters – The key to sound shaping

An introduction to Massive’s filters. This video lays the foundation for shaping your sound sources through Massive’s filters – the key to sound design. Starting with a basic overview of the filtering concept, we walk through each of Massive’s 12 filters and how they affect your sound. You will learn about serial and parallel routing and how to route different OSC’s through the filters in various combinations.

If you’re ready to see just how filters can change the character of your sounds from a dull thump to a bright screaming lead – watch and learn!


Massive is one of the flagships of a new generation of wavetable based synthesizers that make it easier than ever to create room-thumping, brain-bleeding sonic blasts. The problem is there are so many choices in how to shape sounds even the most experienced producers find it hard to make the best decisions.

We’ve got you covered. Our world-class video tutorials will make you cool and confident as you take simple, powerful steps to build the sounds you hear in your cranium.

Each knob, oscillator, control, effect, filter and more is broken down into easy to follow instructions that get you up to speed fast. Rather than months and years of endless trial and error, you’ll be up and running within hours! Your music will be built on a solid foundation, and you’ll be light years ahead of other producers.

” The course was great….very well presented and informative; I feel that I know my around Massive now.

– Will D

Envelopes and envelope modulation – express yourself!

At a basic level, envelopes control the attack, decay, sustain and release, or ADSR phases of a sound. In practice, these parameters add staggering scope for expression, flexibility and movement in your sounds and can be applied to just about any knob in Massive. In this video you will see how to use Massive’s modular set-up to create, save and load envelopes and assign them to control other parameters.

Using these insights you will be able to design and exploit the kinds of complex envelopes that form the core of evolving sounds. Whatever style you’re working with, advanced understanding into envelope modulation will take your tracks to new heights.

Modulation – Master the LFO, Stepper and Performer

In this video we go deeper into modulation and sequencing with LFO’s and LFO Modulation plus the Performer and Stepper. You will get to know the 3 types of modulator in Massive, the difference between them and how to assign them. You’ll also learn how to activate glide sequences and discover Massive’s hidden modulator. We’ll show you to create sequenced sounds with performer and create stepped modulation with the stepper – perfect for ‘arp’ effect on pitch or sharp control of knobs.

With so much to cover, this video demonstrates the very features that make Massive so powerful and will give you the techniques to create extraordinarily awesome wobbles, sharper leads and ridiculously heavy bass sequences.


Are you already cranking out mind-crunching sounds with Massive? No problem.

This comprehensive video course will allow you to reach a whole new level of musical knowledge and creativity. Complex concepts are made easy to understand and employ right away. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to create clean songs where each sounds sits perfectly in the mix and doesn’t fight for frequency space.

Every pro has a coach. Our videos allow you to get professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio. Play them over and over, as many times as you need to understand the lesson and add the new skills to your existing chops. These videos will fill in any gaps in your Massive education and get you to the head of the class.

” Thank you very much for these videos. Worth every penny!

– Stan L

Central window tabs – take control!

This video covers the tabs in Massive’s centre window including the Oscillator Tab, Key Tracking Oscillator, Key Tracking Filter, Voicing, Routing Tab and Global Tab.

There are some extremely powerful tools hidden within these tabs that allow you to quickly morph and blend bigger basses, add stereo width, control the position of feedback, bypass and OSC’s, or even randomize everything with a single click. This video will inspire with so many tips and tricks to experiment with.

Insert FX – internal sculpting

How to use Insert FX to shape your sounds and apply them through the centre window tabs including the routing tab.

After a walkthrough of Massive’s 8 Insert FX you will learn how to activate Insert FX in combination with feedback at different locations in the signal flow can literally smash your patch.

These techniques make it easy to add an old skool feel, create screeching basses or add a driving distortion to your sounds.


Imagine the gorgeous melodies, creamy pads, heart-stopping breaks, and soaring leads you’ll be able to produce when you finally get a full understanding of Massive’s power. You know you have the talent. It’s just a matter of familiarizing yourself with all the controls and effects to harness the horsepower under the hood.

Once you’ve gained the knowledge of how to best put Massive to work, you’re only one track away from gaining the respect of the top DJ’s and producers on the scene. Just think of a huge mass of club-goers, writhing and rocking to your music. The ground is shaking, lights are spinning, the speakers are almost falling off the wall. Beautiful people have their hands in the air.

And you’re the one making it all happen.

” As for the video content, as a user of Massive for around 4 years (all self taught), I am thoroughly impressed so far.!

– Dan R

Master FX – Control the output

The Master FX and EQ modules are the place to go to fine tune and shape your sounds. Using the skills in this video you will be able to build and modulate FX chains and learn how the Master Effects at the end of the signal chain give you tight control over the entire output.

Hear when and how to use EQ, how to warm the final track up with one of three tube-emulators, or add even more distortion for some real grit. With expert application of delays, reverbs, chorus, flangers and phasers you’ll be creating sounds your ears have never even heard before in minutes.

Sidechain – complex modulation

Unlike the sidechain you are probably familiar with, this Massive feature isn’t about compression. Side chain modulation is quite complex, in fact it’s a mind bender just explaining this function, which modulates the modulation of a modulator. Totally confusing, but extremely useful for added command over your modulation assignments.

This video demystifies how to apply side chains to control multiple modulation sources at once. A must watch for music producers wanting to get hugely complex sounds under control.

Major Course Update

ADSR and massivesynth.com released the original Learn Every Function & Feature Of Massive course to help beginners deepen their understanding of Massive and to offer intermediate, self-taught producers access to some features they may not have previously thought to incorporate into their sound designs.

The updated version of Learn Every Function & Feature Of Massive advances this vision, bringing fresh insights and detailed instruction on the most up-to-date version of Native Instruments’ Massive.

This major course update covers all the basics of using Massive plus gives you advanced insights into all the new and updated features released with Massive 1.4.

If you want to be on board with the latest functions of NI Massive, this is definitely the best place to start.

Macro’s and midi control – tweak it!

Learn how to set up Massive’s Macro controls as well as how to assign a midi controller in Native Instruments Massive. This video will help you unleash the power of Macros and immediately kick your sound design skills up a notch.

Aside from being the interface between Massive and external applications and controllers, Macros have numerous applications for controlling multiple assignments. Did we say numerous? We actually mean infinite and instant and intense!

Attributes and browser – find your sounds

This final video wraps up the course with some useful tips to get fast, direct access to saved sounds.

It’s important housekeeping that will help you set up handy shortcuts to the banging beats you’ll be making as soon as the tape stops rolling.

Join Thousand of Satisfied Customers

Since the course launched, ADSR’s Learn Every Function & Feature Of Massive video course has helped countless producers, just like you, to gain expert command over this mega synth.

Over the years, Massive has become globally recognised as an immensely powerful and flexible synthesizer, allowing producers of all levels to create an indescribable array of complex sounds.

However, the same features that make it awesome can also be its downfall.

If you find Massive’s bank of features too confusing, you risk relegating it to the dusty folders of your computer’s too-hard basket.

With expert tuition and a few pro tips you can join the thousands of NI Massive fans using this synth to create the sounds you hear on TV, on soundcloud and in your wildest dreams.

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