How Ryan Enzed Made the Bass for the No More Conversations Remix in NI Massive

Ryan is back! So many popular NI Massive tutorials have been made by Ryan Enzed since we began and we are happy to be bringing you yet another winner. Check this one out and see how he made his most recent killer bass synth!

This sound is nice and deep, gritty and full of character. And as a lot of really great sounds like this one go, it’s very simple to make! It’s actually two synths layered together, and both are designed in NI Massive. Typical with most layered bass sounds, one layer focuses on the low end while the other is focused on the high end. When played back together all of the mid and low-mid frequencies are going to be much more full sounding and deliver a big punch.

The two sounds are almost identical in their design with only a filter and a slight tweak in the EQ settings to set them apart. We will begin with the low end bass. First, set up a Sawtooth wavetable on OSC1 running in Bend- mode. Then load a Sine wavetable into OSC2. The Intensity parameter is adjusted on both of these oscillators. Some phasing is introduced to the sound coming from OSC2 via the Modulation OSC panel.

These sounds are then routed through a Lowpass 2 filter. The sound is shaped further bu activating the EQ feature and boosting both high and low shelves. On the Voicing tab, the Unison voices are increased to a value of 2, it is set to run in Monophon mode and then the Pan Position feature is turned on and the sound is spread out across the stereo field slightly. The amount og Glide is increased on the OSC tab. Lastly a Sine Shaper is inserted, which is modulated by an envelope with a long attack to change the shape of the sound over time and introduce some movement.

For the second synth, the high end layer of our sound, we will replicate the first one and then make a couple of changes. First, the Lowpass 2 filter is replaced by a Bandpass filter. And the EQ is changed by lowering the low shelf. The only other processing taking place on the sound after it leaves NI Massive is a simple EQ. Boosting the high end frequencies, taking a bit out of the middle and a small accent is placed on the low mid.

We hope you enjoyed this one. Please let us know if you have requests for futur posts by send us a message. Thanks for stopping by!