Modulating a Modulator Part 3 Resampling

In part three of this month’s Massive series on modulating modulators, Johnny shows us how to use the concept of resampling to create more unique sounds.

If you are not aware of resampling and ideas behind it, head over to Google and do a quick search on it. Resampling is a great way to take a sound and make it even more unique than it already was and in some cases it can be helpful in keeping a sound consistent across various octaves.

Johnny makes a sound in Massive that only sounds good in a few notes range. Sometimes that happens because of the processes behind wavetable synthesis. If you tried playing a progression or sequence with a sound like that you would find that it isn’t possible. Or at leas it isn’t possible to do and make it sound good. Enter resampling.

Resampling is the process of taking sampled audio and then processing it and replaying it via a sample player or a rompler. Johnny runs the range impaired sound he made in Massive and exports it to audio to put the audio into a sample player like the EXS24 in Logic. You could of course do it in Kontakt. Johnny sampled the notes from Massive that sounded the most playable and then stretched them using the EXS24 so he could play a progression. Now that the sound is out of Massive you can really do anything to it you want as far as effects go.

Check it out above!