Learn How To Create A Modulated DnB Bass in Massive

In this tutorial, Johnny will show you how to make a DnB bass in Massive using the stepper and performer to modulate the sound.

A DnB bass in Massive is really fun to make. The host of modulation options make it easy to create that bouncy triplet feel that can be synonymous with Drum and Bass.

Johnny uses two Strontium wavetables blended with an instance of the Duckorgan in the oscillators for this DnB bass in Massive. Make sure you keep restart via gate selected so the sound is more rounded and balanced. This will come into play when you start modulating using the performer and stepper.

To introduce some rhythm to the sound, load up an instance of the stepper and then modulate the wavetable position of oscillator 3. This is a subtle effect, but it will help make the DnB bass in Massive more dynamic.

To introduce even more movement in the sound, Johnny loads up an LFO and sets it to a ratio of 3/16 for that triplet feel. By blending the typical sine curve with a mother more interesting one, like a bend shape, you can create some unique rhythmic variances in your sound.

Finally, to really round out this DnB bass in Massive, load up an instance of the performer. Generally anytime you use the stepper in Massive, it helps to use the performer tab to modulate the cut off of the filters. To my ears, it helps tighten up the sound of the stepper.

Check out the video to hear the DnB bass in Massive and to learn how to modulate some of the macro controls!