Live Performance Techniques for Maschine: Tutorials from Mr. Invisible’s Justin Aswell Part 3 of 3

In this last video in the special three-part tutorial series from Mr. Invisible’s Justin Aswell, he discusses and demonstrates several live performance techniques for Maschine that will help you elevate your skills to the next level.

This is the last video in the special Dubspot series featuring Justin Aswell. So far he has shared an incredible amount of knowledge, tips, tricks and insights that can applied to your Maschine workflow to help you become more professional in your approach and use of this killer device. We started with Composing with Maschine and then moved onto Maschine Finger Drumming Techniques and now we wrap things up with a look at Live Performance Techniques for Maschine.

The very first tip shared by Justin in this video on liver performance techniques for Maschine is about how you can keep your beats tight while playing off-the-cuff. Using Maschine’s beat delay effect in a creative way can help ensure that you stay on time. Assigning this effect to a pad that has a hi-hat sample loaded is an easy way to give yourself a metronome, of sorts, that will not sound out of place in a live performance.

Similar to the discussion in the last installment of this series, loading more than one sound onto one pad is a great tool to provide not just flexibility in your performance, but it can also help you stay on time. Chopping, or slicing, up a beat into 1/16 note segments and then assigning them to pads is one of the greatest live performance techniques for Maschine when it comes to throwing out breaks on-the-fly during a show.

Eventually you will want to switch groups during a show. No problem. But make sure you hide this transition to make it as seamless as possible for your audience. You can apply a delay effect to a pad that you end your sequence on in one group and that delay plays out as you quickly switch groups and begin playing again. As far as the audience knows, you are still in full control and never stopped playing at all. Never miss a beat!

Of course, more tips are shared in this video but we only have so much space and time here in a single post. Make sure you check out the entire series and bookmark it for future use! And if you have a request or suggestion for future tutorials here about using Maschine with Massive, please drop us a message before you leave the site today. Thanks for stopping by!