How To Make A Fat Saw Wave Monophonic Lead In NI Massive

A solid NI Massive video tutorial showing you how to make a professional quality fat sounding lead super-saw monophonic synth in just a few minutes.

This one is a real quick and easy lesson on how to make a mono super-saw synth that sounds big and will stand up in a professional mix with no problems. Ideal for any level of Massive user, regardless of experience or knowledge of sound design. YouTube user garethkickback has made it easy to follow and recreate the sound featured in this video and does a good job of explaining each step of the process without any confusion. So many parameters are left untouched when he is done, that it will be easy for you to begin making this sound your own all within Massive.

As with most super-saw synths, this sound begins with three saw waves layered, two of which have been dropped an octave and a few cents. This synth is then set up as a monophonic instrument on the Voicing tab, and some subtle phasing is introduced while we are here by turning on the Pitch Cutoff feature and tweaking the setting a bit.

Some basic reverb and a dimension expander are added to increase the size and space some. Lastly a hard clipper is inserted to add a little punch and an edge to finish it up. You may want to experiment some with different inserts, adding some filters, delay, or even modulating some parameters with an envelope ow two to change up the delivery of sound. A synth like this is always fun to play around with.