A nice idea from Ryan Enzed, one of our regulars here at MassiveSynth. This time he create a distorted guitar type of sound using NI massive and a little help from a couple plugins in his DAW.



[aside title="Distortion!"] Add a little guitar to your next project! [/aside]

You’ll notice Ryan is using Logic Pro here in the video, but you will be able to recreate the same kind of sounds using whatever program you prefer. You may also want to consider playing around with some amp modeling with a sound like this. It’s a great way to really bring this kind of stuff to life and add an extra edge that is sometimes missing from a purely digital sound design.You can check out more of Ryan’s videos on his YouTube channel here, .

I was listening to the song “I like the way you move”, really enjoyed the grittiness of the guitar and wanted to go about making that in massive – here it is!  ~ Ryan Enzed

Are you interested in learning more little tricks like this one? Have a request? Leave us a comment below and let us know!


How To Make A Distored Guitar Sound With NI Massive

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  • Raphanum

    Great tutorial, mate. Fat, heavy and gritty. I was curious as to whether you could create a distorted bass/lead as SebastiAn does? For example, Sebastian – Dolami?

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    im using google chrome on a mac BTW

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      Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong on your end. We are experiencing some caching issues with the server right now. It should be fixed soon! Our apologies for the annoyance factor.