Deep House/Garage Dirty Square Bass in Massive

In this tutorial, Johnny will show you how to create a versatile sounding dirty square wave bass in Massive. Great for Garage and EDM!

This dirty square wave bass in Massive is perfect for an EDM or Garage track.

To remake this dirty square wave bass in Massive, blend 3 Smooth Square wavetables together in each of the Oscillators. The Smooth Square waveform can have a “Saw” feel by adjusting the WT Position knob. In general, the Smooth Square wavetable is a good choice for Garage style basses.

If you’ve ever experienced clicks and pops with subby bass sounds in Massive, change the voicing mode from Monophonic to Monorotrate. This will typically smooth out the transitions between note changes.

To make the dirty square wave bass in Massive more full, using one of the Tube FX and the Dimension Expander in the Effects section will help round out the sound both harmonically and in the stereo field.

Finally, adding a Sine Shaper in the Insert section will really make the dirty square wave bass in Massive pop out of mix by giving it some unique character.

Check out the video to hear the sound and learn some third party processing tips!


  • Felix Con GeepeeKay

    im lovin it! keep the different style bass tutorials coming!