A nice in-depth walkthrough on how to go about creating a unique build-up synth sound in NI Massive, perfect for that big drop!



[aside title="Huge!"] This sound is going to blow up your next drop! [/aside]

YouTube user is a newcomer here on MassiveSynth and we expect to see some more good things from him in the future. This time he shares with us how he makes an epic build-up by combining a few wavetables you may not normally think to use together, and takes advantage of a creative routing technique to really lock it down.

Setting up your automation just right allows you to drop a huge sound on your audience with the press of a key. He has included a free download of the patch made in this video so you can both build your own sound along side him throughout the process and compare it to his in the end. Quite handy if yours ends up sounding a bit different that what you hear in the beginning of this video. So make sure you grab it on your way out!


[Download_feature href="http://www.massivesynth.com/freepatches/Build%20Up.ksd" buttontext="Download the Preset"] Massive Build-Up Synth [/Download_feature]

Build-Up Tutorial for NI Massive + Free Download!

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