Fill Out A Mix With This Ambient Pad In Massive

In this tutorial, Echo Sound Works will show you how to make an ambient pad in Massive that works well to fill out the high end!

I’ve really been getting into ambient groups like Broods and Kye Kye. I like how sparse yet full the mixes are in that genre. This ambient pad in Massive is a great sound to help fill out a mix in various genres like ambient pop, dubstep etc.

The most important thing to remember is that you want a lot of high frequency content with this ambient pad in Massive. Especially if you’re using it to fill out a mix. With that being said, what wavetable you choose can be up to you.

I used two filters, Daft and Bandpass, to have more control over the sound. I sent one Oscillator to Filter 1 and the other to both Filter 1 and Filter 2. This allowed me to control the Cut Off and white noise separately.

Finally, using spacial effects like reverb and delay will help this type of sound fit better in a mix.

Check out the video to hear the ambient pad in Massive!


Echo Sound Works