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Zbandut Sound Consortium presents "Shaper EDM Vol.1" Featuring 128 powerful EDM...
Shaper EDM Vol.1
Shaper EDM Vol.1
Shaper EDM Vol.1

Shaper EDM Vol.1

Zbandut Sound Consortium presents “Shaper EDM Vol.1”
Featuring 128 powerful EDM patches for your
Access Virus TI, TI2, or TI Snow synthesizer.
Soundset contains 128 sounds targeting different directions in music.(trance,house, etc.)
It includes a large number of leads,plucks,pads and basses.
Most of the sounds responsive on the modulation wheel.

Please Note: Soundset created on Virus TI OS 5.03.00. Compatible With Virus TI & TI2. Not compatible with Virus A, B, C or PowerCore.

All sounds are in the .mid format. (One Full Bank, 128 Patches)

Patch List

0 Pearl AZ
1 StratoSphr
2 Xeon AZ
3 Sirius AZ
4 Melkweg AZ
5 KM 5 Organ
6 Ibiza Tech
7 Manual S&H
8 Plastiq AZ
9 Deeper AZ
10 Spindle AZ
11 Solaris AZ
12 Tight Bass
13 Panner AZ
14 Aphrodita
15 Bit Game
16 Synthisine
17 DX 7 Organ
18 Solina Pad
19 Virusology
20 Vinil AZ
21 Foremost
22 Warm Deep
23 Smooth PWM
24 Invertor
25 Up Deep AZ
26 ObipluckMW
27 Dreamer AZ
28 Micro Wave
29 Sniveller
30 Omega Pad
31 PPG Wave
32 Jupiter 8
33 Ice Pluck
34 Distowave
35 Intensive
36 Anjunadeep
37 Digisquare
38 Nostalgia
39 BalearicAZ
40 Theurgy AZ
41 Under AZ
42 Crumar AZ
43 Enamel AZ
44 Saw Night
45 Avangarden
46 Marimba
47 Vox Whell
48 Odyssey AZ
49 Solar Wind
50 Deep Stab
51 Moon Light
52 Gloria AZ
53 Coted’Azur
54 Dirty Saw
55 MusicBox
56 2 PreSaw
57 Spectralis
58 LegatoLine
59 SuperSqare
60 Matte AZ
61 Tri Bass
62 Holo Pad
63 Digitall
64 Styrofoam
65 Bossa Key
66 FM Formant
67 Fatamorgan
68 Ball Bass
69 Oscar Pad
70 BipulseSeq
71 Looming AZ
72 PWM RingMW
73 Trinidad
74 V.ContinMW
75 Planet AZ
76 Marakesh
77 ModVitage
78 DolceVirus
79 Back Time
80 SawSquare
81 ShapeMod
82 Mid Trance
83 Hollow Pad
84 Wooding AZ
85 Series Sqr
86 Deep FM AZ
87 Tooth Sine
88 Acidline
89 Adrenaline
90 Luxembourg
91 Nu Energy
92 Cathedral
93 MarcatoVox
94 SynchroPad
95 Big Pulse
96 Einsamkeit
97 Inharmonix
98 Uran Pad
99 Synclavier
100 Farfisa C
101 Prometheus
102 Epica
103 Invoice AZ
104 Sun Reggae
105 Trancer AZ
106 Digitalize
107 Saw Seq
108 Mega Pulse
109 Tritexture
110 StackPiano
111 Pulse Uns
112 Indigo AZ
113 State Off
114 Super OB
115 Desire AZ
116 Garage Hit
117 Funk It
118 Trance Era
119 Tech Stab
120 Jazzy AZ
121 Fm Piano
122 Voxmantera
123 Perc.Organ
124 Quasi PPG
125 PluckOrgan
126 Breeze FM
127 Old Wurlit

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