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Addictive Drums 2: Metal Collection
Addictive Drums 2: Metal Collection
Addictive Drums 2: Metal Collection

Addictive Drums 2: Metal Collection


XLN Audio

Metal Collection for Addictive Drums 2

Addictive Drums 2: Metal Collection. Unleash the sound and fury! A bundle featuring both Addictive Drums 2 engine and 4 metal packs to amp up your sounds immediately!

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Addictive Drums 2: Metal Collection
Metal Collection for Addictive Drums 2

Addictive Drums 2: Metal Collection

Unleash the sound and fury!

Included Products:

  • Metal (ADpak)
  • Studio Prog (ADpak)
  • Diabolic (MIDIpak)
  • Metal Songs (MIDIpak)

(Also includes the Addictive Drums 2 Engine)

Addictive Drums 2

It’s All About the Sound

Tweak any of the professionally designed presets or build up a custom kit from scratch, it’s your choice. Addictive Drums 2 is packed with mixing and sound-shaping features that let you transform the raw sounds in amazing ways. Whether you need your drums to sound open and crystal-clear or produced and radio-ready, or grungy and heavily distorted, AD2 has studio-grade tools to get the job done.

Lightning Fast Workflow

The best sounds and features are useless if you can’t find and use them quickly when inspiration strikes. Addictive Drums 2 really excels in this area. Every detail – from drag-and-drop audio and MIDI to rapid linking and layering, to near-instant kit piece swapping–is designed to keep you in the creative zone. The clean layout and lighting-fast workflow include hundreds of individual features that make AD2 fast and familiar – even for first-time users.

Every drum kit is recorded in world-class studios by industry professionals and amazing drummers to give you professional sonic options and creative control.

Where Do You Start?

To get the most out of Addictive Drums 2 you always start with XPN Audio’s Collections.

A Collection is a bundle of ADpaks (drum kits), MIDIpaks (beats) and Kitpiece Paks (single drums) put together to give you the best possible drum production experience.

Metal (ADpak)

Hard-as-nails. Produced by Ross Robinson.

Ross Robinson Studios – Los Angeles

When you think of a metal studio you might not think of sunny Venice Beach California but that’s where Ross Robinson creates his raw in-to-the-bone sound. Known as The Godfather of Nu Metal, Robinson is world-renowned for his production skills, having presided over seminal albums for bands like Sepultura and Limp Bizkit as well as discovering bands like Korn, Slipknot, and Limp Bizkit. His place in the pantheon of metal is unquestioned.

As a producer, Ross always pushes a band (sometimes physically) all the way to their limits to get to the core of the realest and rawest performances. He often records the whole band gathered tight around the drums, feeling their energy as the heartbeat of the song, and to make sure everyone feels the raw power of the drummer, he built “The Grotto”, a small room whose walls and floor are covered in actual ROCK! The punch and rawness Ross gets out of this man-made drum cave is elemental magic.

Custom Kit – Ludwig Classic Maple

This 18 piece kit delivers the goods in any style of Metal. It comprises thunderous maple toms, and a heavy kick from Ludwig, vicious Zildjian cymbals and a sharp balanced snare from Gretsch, made of HAMMERED METAL, just in case you needed convincing! Seeing as this ADpak is designed to allow you to go all in, we’ve added a special feature that’s a must for the modern Metal producer; “Trig” samples (recorded with extra attack and shorter decay) for putting in the Xtra slot and beefing out the kick and snare.

Oh, and it was all hand-picked and tuned by metal legend Ross Robinson for the recording sessions. No biggie!

Kit Details:


  • Ludwig 22×18″


  • Gretsch Hammered 14×5″


  • Ludwig Classic Maple 10×8″
  • Ludwig Classic Maple 12×8″
  • Ludwig Classic Maple 13×9″
  • Ludwig Classic Maple 16×16″
  • Ludwig Classic Maple 18×16″

Hi-Hats & Cymbals: 

  • Zildjian New Beat 15″
  • Zildjian A Custom Rezo 20″
  • Zildjian K Crash Ride 20″
  • Zildjian K Dark 19″
  • Zildjian K Custom Hybrid 9″
  • Sabian AAX Ozone 10″
  • Zildjian K Custom Hybrid 19″
  • Zildjian A Custom 18″
  • Zildjian A Medium 24″


  • XLN Audio Trig Kicks & Snares


  • 18 piece kit hand-picked by Metal legend Ross Robinson.
  • Recorded in the Grotto, Ross Robinson’s STONE walled drum room.
  • Xtra slot “Trig” samples to double up kicks and snares.

Studio Prog (ADpak)

Instant Progressive Rock Drums

Decibel Studios – Stockholm

XLN Audio wanted to make sure that with just a few clicks, users could add world-class drums to their productions, and have full control over them, almost as if they’d been at the recording session themselves. To begin with, XLN carefully hand-selected each kit, piece by piece, to get just the right sound. Then they found just the right space to record each kit. A studio with the right mix of acoustics, gear, drummer and engineers to coax the best out of it, make it sing, and capture its essence.

Every kit was meticulously recorded with a variety of strokes sampled for each piece. Snares were recorded from above, and below. Kicks from the front, and from the rear near the beater. The sound coming back from the live room was recorded separately on stereo mics. All these signals are combined in the software to give you amazingly real live-sounding drums. If you want to hear these drums at their very best, the ADpak comes with a host of presets configured for specific drum sounds, or you can take full control and control every aspect of the individual drums. Dial-up the room noise for some stadium rock epicness. Tune the toms to vibe with your keys. Turn up the overheads, add distortion, or reverb, change the attack…the possibilities are literally endless.

Custom Kit – DW Collector’s Series

When you’re working on progressive rock, or experimental music with complex rhythms, and intricate playing, you need a high-end kit capable of capturing both subtle nuance and powerful punchiness. XLN went to the flagship line from DW, the Collector’s Series. It’s like the Rolls Royce of drum kits. The shells are cold-pressed for extra stiffness and extra resonance, and intense attention is paid to every detail in the construction process. Each shell is tapped in the factory to test its natural frequency, which is then stamped on the inside, so it can be tuned up to the precise note it was born to sing.

A high-end sound that’s raw but controlled, rich but gritty, everything in perfect balance. A kit that can deliver the goods, no matter how hard you push it.

Kit Details:


  • Drum Workshop Collector’s Series 20×16″


  • Drum Workshop Craviotto 14×6″
  • Drum Workshop Collector’s Copper 14×5″


  • Drum Workshop Collector’s Series 8×7″
  • Drum Workshop Collector’s Series 10×8″
  • Drum Workshop Collector’s Series 12×8″
  • Drum Workshop Collector’s Series 14×11″
  • Drum Workshop Collector’s Series 16×14″

Hi-Hats & Cymbals:

  • Sabian HH Hihat 15″
  • Sabian HHX Splash 12″7
  • Paiste Signature Dark Energy Crash 17″
  • Sabian HHXtreme Crash 20″
  • Paiste Signature Fast Crash 16″
  • Paiste Soundcreation Dark China 22″
  • Sabian AAX Stage Ride 21″


  • Latin Percussion Black Beauty


  • DW Collector’s series – The Rolls Royce of drum kits.
  • Balanced detailed sound for intricate playing.
  • Production-ready presets, ultimate customizability.

Diabolic (MIDIpak)

Diabolical Beats for Legit Metalheads

Metal drumming requires power, stamina and precision. This pak delivers all of those things at extreme levels.

Over 300 inspiring beats from the diabolical mind of metal drummer Daniel Erlandsson (Arch Enemy, In Flames, Eucharist). Contains shorter grooves, longer sections and plenty of variations, making it easy to arrange your next metal masterpiece. Works with any Addictive Drums kit, but is particularly well suited for the Metal Kit.


  • Played by Daniel Erlandsson.
  • Includes songs, grooves, and fills.
  • Over 300 inspiring performances.

Metal Songs (MIDIpak)

Fast, Dark, Sinister Grooves

Dust off your battle hammer and put on your leather pants. This is the dark and sinister Metal Songs MIDI Pak!

Bring out the darkness in you and your music with these fast, dark, and sinister grooves. Included are 20 Metal Songs and a large number of blasting fills totalling 200 hard-hitting performances.


  • Fast, dark and sinister grooves.
  • Tons of grooves, fill, and variations.
  • 200 live-recorded performances.


  • macOS 10.9 or later (32 & 64-bit)
  • VST, AU, AAX
  • Standalone Application 
  • Internet connection (during installation only)


  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64-bit)
  • VST, AAX
  • Standalone Application
  • Internet connection (during installation only)

Host DAWs

This product should run on any host supporting VST, AU, or AAX plugins. XLN Audio actively tests on the host applications listed below:

  • Ableton Live 9 or later.
  • Apple Logic Pro 9 & 10.
  • Avid Pro Tools 11 or later (Pro Tools First is not supported).
  • Cakewalk by Bandlab.
  • Propellerhead Reason 9.5 or later (In Addictive Drums 2, the Bus channel cannot be sent to a separate out track).
  • Reaper 4 & 5.
  • Steinberg Cubase 8 or later.

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