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Addiction Synth
Addiction Synth
Addiction Synth

Addiction Synth

Simple & Intuitive Subtractive Synthesizer

Our new synth is a professional, versatile, subtractive synthesizer. It can be easily made to sound like anything from a sweet, light organ, to a sharp, funky clav.

Addiction Synth
Simple & Intuitive Subtractive Synthesizer

Get addicted to the power of subtractive synthesis
Addiction synth is a professional, intuitive, and versatile subtractive synthesizer. Shape the sound easily through the synth’s user-friendly interface. Watch as the sound changes and evolves on the synth’s beautiful spectrum display. Create almost any kind of sound you like, from a sweet organ ideal for playing light chord pads to a sharp, funky clav capable of satisfying all your groovy needs.

Addiction Synth allows you to play with multiple voices and contains a high level of velocity sensitivity as well as mono/polyphonic switching, versatile LFOs and filter, and a variety of effects.

Designed with the novice user in mind
Addiction Synth is designed to help novice users understand how the different elements of a synthesizer fit together. With this synth, anyone can create amazing synths right out of the box.

The philosophy behind Stagecraft’s design principles is that the software should show you visually what it does. Because of that, every knob or button produces a visual change as well as a sonic one. This unique approach lets you see exactly how the sound is changing and evolving throughout the track.

Unique spectrum display for unprecedented visual feedback
The fundamental building blocks of any subtractive synthesizer are waveform generators (voices), a filter (where the tone is shaped), and effects (or mods).
Addiction Synth includes a high-definition auto-filter with a unique spectrum display showing you exactly how the sound is being shaped at every moment. This level of audio and visual feedback is unparalleled.

Automate sounds and effects with perfect precision
Use automation to create unique sounds, from that dubstep-characteristic wobble to voices coming in and out at random intervals, and effects fading in and out with perfect quantized precision.


  • MPE and Aftertouch support
  • Three Oscillators with independent volume, pan and pitch
  • Filter bank with auto filter style display
  • Full automation of any or all parameters
  • LFO for filter sweeping
  • Advanced quantization options for all parameters
  • Waveform skewing (Pulse Width modulation for all oscillators and LFOs)
  • Over a dozen effects and full effects chaining, including bit crusher, reverb, delay, and chorus
  • Better anti-aliasing and waveform control
  • More presets, and full preset sharing between users
  • PC: Windows 7+
  • MAC: OSX 10.7+

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