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4 stars, based on 7 reviews Mixed In Key Studio Edition
Mixed In Key Studio Edition
Mixed In Key Studio Edition

Mixed In Key Studio Edition

(7 reviews)

Key Detection for your DAW

Award-Winning Key Detection for your DAW. Find the exact key of your samples. Detect the key in real-time. One button. Advanced key detection. No guesswork.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition
Key Detection for your DAW

Mixed In Key Studio Edition – An essential tool for your studio sessions.

The award-winning key detection is now available to you as a VST/AU plugin.

How can Mixed In Key Studio Edition benefit you?

Here are some of the many ways Mixed In Key Studio Edition can improve your studio session:

  • Help Tune Your Vocals – See which Key+Scale to put into Melodyne or Autotune, so your vocals are easier to tune correctly.
  • Key Detection for your DAW – Analyze any sample, acapella or track. Retune the samples using your DAW and make them fit your music productions.
  • Make Mashups – Find tracks that sound great together. Make your own DJ sets and plan your performances inside Ableton Live or any other DAW – and be 100% sure that you’re using harmonic mixing.
  • Get to know your samples better – Mixed In Key Studio Edition tells you what percentage of the song is using the note C, the note C#, and so on. It makes sampling easier.

It’s like an X-Ray into your Music!

View your samples and sounds like never before, analyze the note and key content instantly inside your DAW. Making it easy to match DJ mixes and music productions.

The perfect tool for making Mashups

View detailed note and key information for any track or sample within your DAW. Find tracks with matching keys or pitch shift tracks to match and mash them up with confidence.

Sample Analysis Simplified!

With Mixed in Key Studio Edition, you never have to worry about mislabeled samples or not knowing the key of an original melody. View the key of all your tracks, samples and compositions analyzed in real-time.

The Perfect Remix and Acapellas Companion

Have Acapellas that you would love to remix – but you don’t know what key they’re in? Not anymore, Mixed in Key Studio Edition is the perfect Acapella Remix companion. With one click you will know the key of your Acapella, simply start adding samples or writing chords in the same key for remix perfection!

Add in Captain Plugins to take your remixes to the next level. You can compose Chords, Melodies and Basslines in Captain Plugins based on the Key analysis from Mixed in Key Studio Edition.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition Features:

  • Fast and reliable key detection right in your DAW
  • Add it to any audio channel
  • Available as a VST or AU
  • Key detection for your samples
  • View harmonic changes in your audio, in real time
  • Using Mixed In Keys award-winning key detection algorithm

This is the first time this world famous key detection algorithm has been available as a VST/AU plugin for your DAW. Using Mixed in Keys proprietary algorithm, your audio productions will be in key every time.

Drum Tuning made easy

It’s no secret that the difference between drums in tune or out of tune can make or break your production. Professionals know that details like drum tuning can take your production to the next level.

With the click of a button Mixed in Key Studio Edition will tell you the exact key and pitch of your drum and percussion samples.

Here’s what the esteemed Morgan Page had to say,
“Knowing the key of your samples, acapellas and instrumentals is essential – and now it’s finally in the DAW, in real time. No more file scanning. Just drag-and-drop this plugin into your session.”

PLEASE CHECK THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Please Note: This product requires an internet connection to use please check both the features and system requirements tabs before purchasing this plugin

Mac/PC Compatible


Officially Supported DAWs:

  • Ableton Live 9/10
  • FL Studio 20
  • Logic Pro X

Not Officially Supported but Appears Stable:

  • Reaper 5
  • Bitwig Studio 2
  • Digital Performer 10
  • Pro Tools 12
  • Reason 10
  • Maschine 2
  • Cubase 9/10
  • Studio One 4

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