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4.4 stars, based on 7 reviews HY-Slicer 2
HY-Slicer 2
HY-Slicer 2

HY-Slicer 2

(7 reviews)

Sample Slicer/Sequencer

It's a sample slicer with a step sequencer and fx chain. You can slice loaded samples and then trigger them with the internal step sequencer.

AU , VST2 , VST3
Mac Windows
HY-Slicer 2
Sample Slicer/Sequencer

This is a sampler type plugin. You can load 8 different audio samples & they will be chopped into audio slices.

You can also assign sliced samples to individual grid lanes. Each sampler track also has 16 separate grid lanes.

You will be able to assign up to 16 different slices per track. Each sampler unit is driven by the internal grid sequencer.

Main Features:

  • Sample Slicer
  • Step sequencer for triggering sliced sample
  • File browser
  • Groove Editor
  • Re-orderable FX Chain
  • Pattern chainer
  • Re-scalable plugin window
  • Randomizer
  • Preset manager

With just a few clicks, you can load in and get immediately started slicing up sounds. Browse for your audio files, and once you’ve found the one you want to work in, try out the Auto Slice feature. Otherwise, of course this plugin can be used to Manually Slice up your sounds.

Simple set the size of your auto slices, for example if you wanted to slice your loaded sample into 16, simply set this quantity and let the Sample Slicer take over. But there truly is more to this than just automatically slicing your sounds. You can even assign this process to the step sequencer for trigger control.

And for even more control and depth, you can also control step slicing in the step slice arranger.

This plugin offers so much more however. The Randomizer comes with some incredible features that allow you to really mix up, rotate, duplicate, and set all controls for your Step Parameters at once.

The Groove Editor comes to you with a ton of knobs to help you set the timing shift that occurs in each step. You can make your own swing/shuffle behavior by using this editor. You can also even load up grooves via midi files.

The FX Chain is involved to offer 7 effects that can be ordered and re-ordered to your preference. You can change the order of the FX Chain just by dragging and dropping, it’s very intuitive!

This unique slicer plugin offers so much more than what you can see at face value. Dig deep and discover the depth of HY-Slicer today!

System Requirements

  • Win: Windows7 or higher
  • Mac: OSX 10.11 or higher
  • VST2 and VST3 for Windows
  • VST2, VST3 and AU for macOS
  • *Mac version is 64bit only

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