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MKSensation Xtreme
MKSensation Xtreme
MKSensation Xtreme

MKSensation Xtreme

Sampled representation of the classic MKS-20 piano module

Live performance, gigging, bread and butter virtual instrument. The instrument is packed full of the best sounding pianos, pads, strings, synths, brass, and of course an exhaustively sampled MKS module.

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MKSensation Xtreme
Sampled representation of the classic MKS-20 piano module

The MKSensation Xtreme is a continuation of our famous MKSensation plugin library.

WARNING: This is a 50+ GB Library!!

At it’s core it represents the highest quality and the most accurate sampled representation of the classic MKS-20 piano module. You see, coming from a gospel musicians background this MKS sound is a staple of the gospel sound and has been featured in some of the top gospel albums throughout the years. For years you would see gospel musician’s rack filled with the MKS-20 module and a ton of other vintage racks such as the JV-Series, Motifs, and other auxiliary brass, strings, and bell sounds. This would create a complex and massive MIDI setup of the thickest stacked sounds imaginable with the ability to control the levels of each on the fly for a very fluid and dynamic concert experience with minimal sound switching, because the layers can be easily controlled with one or two controllers. So what we did was recreate this entire experience in one plugin to replace decades of modules.  

Bonus P-330 Sounds

A little known secret is that many gospel musicians who thought they were listening to a record containing the classic MKS Piano 1 sound, were actually hearing the P-330 piano sounds. For the most part, the MKS’s sounds are more richer and thicker than the P330, with an odd exception of the Piano 1 sound. The P330 Piano sounds cut through the mix a lot better than the MKS and to our ears, was a tad bit thicker and vintage sounding. So as an added bonus, not only do we include two different versions of the MKS sounds sampled using different Mic Pres for different flavors, we have also included an amazingly accurate version of the P330 Piano 1 and Piano 2 sounds as well. 


The presets we created are unapologetically gospel and urban in nature—representing all of the classic stacks of a gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop, and live band arrangement sounds one could ever need. We have created the most incredible stacks with a ton of mod wheel filter cutoff with pads and strings. We have also not forgotten about the Tine lovers, so we created a ton of layered EPs that would never be possible without a ton of hardware racks. For example, try mixing a JD Crystal EP, an MKS-EP 2 Chorus, an FM TX816 with a warm pad. You would need a ton of hardware to do this, but our MKSensation has all of the emulations of the hardware in one plugin. 


  • 51 GB Library Size ( 20GB Lossless Compression)
  • 23,419 Samples
  • 362 Sampled Sounds
  • 21 Analog Modeled Wavetables
  • 14 Analog VA Waveforms
  • 74 Presets
  • 26 High Quality Effects Featuring Overloud’s VKFX


  • Ability to Load Plugins in place of Sound Slots
  • 8-Fully independent Sound Sources with their own independent (AMP, Filter, LFO, Mod, and effects)
  • Seamless Sound Switching
  • Two versions of Power Grand
  • Live-Set Mode with MIDI CC Program Change
  • Dedicated Mute and Solo on the buttons
  • Dedicated Split Screen
  • Quick Control functions for easy access of important parameters
  • All knobs, sliders, and buttons are MIDI Learnable
  • Two different MIDI CC Program Change modes for quickly switching to presets via your controller 
  • Low CPU 8-Layers = 20%
  • 2-Second max load times per set. 
  • Ability to Receive on Separate MIDI channels per sound for multi-timbral stacks and layers
  • Global Mictotune, Transpose, Octave, and Velocity Curve. 
  • Dedicated large volume sliders on front of interface. 
  • Ability to Copy/Paste Single or All parameters across sound-sources

WARNING: This is a 51 GB Library!!

  • Runs in Standalone and/or VST/AU/AAX
  • Hosts Windows VST Only and Mac AU Only (Dows not support hosting Mac VST Hosting)
  • Does not use iLok and No iLok Authorization Used
  • Internet connection for the license activation
  • Supported Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.12+ / Windows 10
  • Mac M1 Native Support
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Required
  • 16 GB RAM or Higher Required
  • i7 Processor or Higher Required
  • iOS App Sold Separately

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