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Mix Ready Sounds for Kontakt

Cinematic Tools debut Kontakt Library holds absolutely nothing back. Zenith comes packed full of modern, hard-hitting, mix ready sounds that will add power, punch and massive impact to your productions.

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The Modern Trailer Archetype

Modern trailer sounds at your fingertips

Introducing Zenith! Our debut library that boasts a vast array of contemporary, impactful, and meticulously crafted sounds. These mix-ready sounds will infuse your productions with unparalleled power, punch, and monumental impact.


  • ADSR: Sculpt the envelope of your sound
  • FILTERS: Great for creating depth and distance in your productions
  • IMPACT BUTTON: Engage this to remove the whoosh part of any sound so you’re left with a playable impact Great for layering up to create a MASSIVE drum sound
  • REVERSE BUTTON: Reverse any sound in the library to quickly create a suckback or a riser
  • KEY SWITCHES: These allow you to easily lower or raise the pitch of any sound
  • START KNOB: Use this function to move the starting point of the sample
  • MULTI-FX KNOB: This is a subtle yet powerful knob that adds extra polish, bite and energy to your sound.
  • INSTRUMENT BROWSER: For quick and easy navigation (not present in this patch)
  • CONVOLUTION REVERB: A built-in Convolution Reverb with 28 IR’s to help teleport your sound into any space
  • DELAY MODULE: A delay module for that instant stereo or ping-pong effect
  • PLAYBACK MODE: Select between Monophonic, Polyphonic or Glide mode

Stutter Engine

The Stutter engine comprises three essential components: Stutter, Filter, and Pan, which collectively infuse any sound with dynamic movement and motion. This feature is perfect for effortlessly crafting synchronized stuttered FX that align seamlessly with your DAW.

FX Engine

Within the FX Engine, you’ll find a seamless integration of 6 daisy-chained FX racks and a remarkable selection of 17 built-in FX processors. Unleash your creativity as you mangle, distort, and manipulate your sounds with an impressive array of Saturators, Reverbs, Stomp Pedals, Compressors, and numerous other tools at your disposal. The possibilities for experimentation are endless.

Key Features

  • 7 Instrument Categories
  • 22 Instruments
  • 500+ WAV Files
  • 3 Engines; Main, FX, Stutter
  • A Big Knob for instant polish, grit and energy
  • FX Engine with 6 Daisy-Chained FX Modules and 19 total FX Processors
  • A Stutter Engine to add instant movement and motion to your sound
  • Designed and mixed by industry professionals to layer beautifully with your other libraries.
  • Full version of Kontakt 6.6.1 or newer
  • Zenith does NOT work with the free version of Kontakt but 500+ WAV files are included if the full version of Kontakt isn’t available to you
  • 5.5GB of uncompressed content included

Minimum Machine Requirements:

  • Mac: Intel i5, macOS 10.13.6 (or newer), 4GB of RAM
  • Windows: Windows 10 or 11 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM

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