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Game Weapons – Gun & Firearm Sound Effects library includes 1557 gun, firearm and war SFX...
Game Weapons
Game Weapons
Game Weapons

Game Weapons

Game Weapons – Gun & Firearm Sound Effects library includes 1557 gun, firearm and war SFX – After months of development, and countless source recording and editing sessions, Game Weapons – Gun & Firearm Sound Effects library is ready for the most exacting of productions.

Built from extensive research, and raw sounds recorded from real life (IRL), this library provides producers with a complete armory of weaponry and firearm sounds made specifically for games and video applications.

This all-original collection features various weapons styles, from classic firearm sounds to imaginary sci-fi weapon sounds.

Easily take on any type of audio project where gun sound effects & cinematic firearm sound design are needed. This library is highly practical and features a wide-ranging catalog of Halo & Borderland weapon-styled sound effects, snipers, rifles, shotguns, gun handlings, explosions, royalty-free firearm sounds & much more.

Game Weapons Sound Effects – A Complete Gun & Firearms Sound FX & Production Solution

Game Weapons includes a total of 1557 SFX – Inspired by hit video games like Borderlands, Game Weapons, is an expertly crafted and imagined gun & firearms sound effects production suite stocked full with the general’s finest gunshots, energy blasters, lasers, cannons, weaponry, mechanisms, handling, techniques, and ranges across many style types like natural and minimal to hybrid and highly processed game audio assets.

Easy to Use Gun Sound Effects for Film, Games and Video

The richness of this SFX library shall cater to game developers & sound designers who need lots of different types of weapons, game sound design, variation files, source & foley sounds to play with.

Production-ready or Construct Your Own Weapon Sound Effects

The beauty of the Game Weapons sfx collection is that it includes everything you need to build gun/firearm sound designs. You’ll find designed mechanisms, trigger pulls, handlings, magazines, on top of a range of gunshots & weapon styles.

Music, human voice in demo tracks – not included.

Pack Contents:

  • 1 supercharged designed firearms sound effects library & game weapons audio production suite
  • 192 designed assault rifles, hi-tech, SMG, machine gun, burst, single shot, handing, magazines, reloading
  • 55 designed bass hits for adding more punchy low end
  • 7 designed bullet ricochets
  • 13 designed cloth movements, aim, grab, holster
  • 44 designed elemental gunshots – acid, electric, fire, glass, ice, metal, stone, water
  • 64 explosion sound effects – blasts, detonation, distant, grenade, cannon, unique
  • 139 designed handguns – futuristic, hi-tech, pistol, revolver, simplify
  • 47 designed heavy firearms – energy, grenade, missile, rocket – useful for mortals & artillery
  • 121 designed rifles – bolt, hi-tech, stock shots, tracking rifles – handling, mechanisms, optics & more.
  • 131 designed shotgun sounds – break action, futuristic, hi-tech, pump, semi auto, stock shots & more.
  • 67 designed special gunshots – blaster, beam, demo, fragment, hand cannon, pipe gun, wobbly gun & more
  • 30 foley ammo canister sounds – open, close, handling, movement
  • 380 foley bullet drops – multiple surfaces – concrete, carpet, wood bright, wood dense
  • multiple & single bullet drops – 4-5 calibers for each surface & cadence- 9mm, .45, .223, .300, .308 shells.
  • 142 foley gun handlings – heavy, light, set down, pick up, aim, holster, drop, hit, equip
  • 28 foley lever sounds for bolt action mechanism movement & metal weapon slides
  • 39 gun reloading sounds – .22 caliber rifle, AR-15, M14 & Shotgun
  • 33 gun trigger sounds – .22 caliber rifle, AR-15, M14 & Shotgun
  • 25 foley user interface & switch sounds – insert, lock, safety
  • Everything needed for your game: guns, firearms, handling, bullets & explosions!
  • Brutally good for first person shooter games, battle scenes (both realistic & sci-fi) & warfare related productions
  • All sound effects are youtube friendly & royalty-free
  • RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box)

Total Number Of Files:

  • 1557
  • 1.2 GB

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