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Thomas Gold had this to say: "Awesome library, it's a great tool to beef up any EDM...
EDM Megapack
EDM Megapack
EDM Megapack

EDM Megapack

Big Room, EDM ALSO INCLUDES ElectroFuture BassFuture House
Samples & Loops ALSO INCLUDES MIDINI Massive PresetsSylenth

Thomas Gold had this to say:

“Awesome library, it’s a great tool to beef up any EDM production! Great variety and the sound quality is awesome. Loads of good stuff in there – some sounds went directly into my ongoing production!”

“Dope and inspiring collection! Loads of fresh and groovy loops, I love the kicks and snares a lot, all of them sound phat, clear and cut through the mix.

You cant go wrong with this one, all stuff is super usable.

Don’t think, just go and get it.”

Fatboy Slim had this to say:

“It’s a one stop drop shop! Instant big room edm in one handy package……and kicks in every semi tone!”

Stafford Brothers had this to say:

“The Cr2 sample pack has all the current sounds and tools to make a festival weapon.

It also has the added bonus of an insight into how the sounds were made.

Definitely worth grabbing”

Do you crave having at your fingertips all the tools to make serious, hard hitting big room club music?

Its our one year anniversary at Sample Tools by Cr2 and to celebrate we are giving you the bargain of the century!

You can purchase 3 of our best selling EDM packs (EDM Festival Kicks and Drops.

Progressive EDM 1 and Mainroom FX), an unbelievable 4.96GB of top notch audio, hot as hell synth presets and essential tutorial videos!

There is too much to list here but have a look at the list of included content to see just how much we are giving you.

But needless to day this is an absolute treasure trove of the finest EDM tools literally everything you need to make killer tracks right now and throughout your career with the tutorial videos showing you real advanced tips learnt from years in the trenches making dance music!

These are the secrets the pros don’t want you to know!!

AS you’d expect from us, we have provided every melodic part as a MIDI file and as always we key label our kicks so that your productions can be built on the most solid foundations.

So here’s to another year bringing you the best value most usable music production products on the market.

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is EDM Megapack!

Pack Contents:

  • EDM Festival Kicks and Drops
  • Over 1GB of audio, video and MIDI content
  • 100 x key labelled kick drums
  • 15 x drop construction kits
  • 308 x loops and one shots (WAV, 24bit, 44.1khz)
  • 34 MIDI files
  • Over 25 minutes of bonus tutorial video content
  • Bonus booklet containing pack and equipment info, production tips and tricks
  • Progressive EDM
  • Over 1.79 GB in total content
  • Over 980 MB of audio, MIDI and preset content
  • 48 x bass loops
  • 111 x drum hits and percussion
  • 24 x drum loops
  • 40 x FX’s and fills
  • 88 x MIDI files
  • 30 x synth shots
  • 40 x synth loops
  • 20 x Sylenth presets
  • 8 x songstarters
  • Over 37 min (3 x) Prod-Cast video tutorials
  • Mainroom FX
  • 1.48 GB Total Content
  • 1.28 GB 44.1 KHZ WAV Audio
  • 382 x Individual Audio FX
  • 50 x Crash FX
  • 50 x Falls
  • 30 x Fills
  • 8 x FX Construction Kits
  • 25 x Impacts
  • 20 x Massive Presets
  • 20 x Noise FX
  • 50 x Risers
  • 66 x Snares Builds
  • 10 x Snare FX
  • 15 x Sub Drops
  • 3 x Prod-Cast Video Tutorials
  • Booklet containing tips and tricks from the producer.

Total Number Of Files:

  • 1680

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