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Calling all Ambient, Downtempo & Cinematic production fans: get 2 GB of pro quality sounds...
5 stars, based on 5 reviews Ambient, Cinematic & Downtempo Bundle
Ambient, Cinematic & Downtempo Bundle
Ambient, Cinematic & Downtempo Bundle

Ambient, Cinematic & Downtempo Bundle

(5 reviews)
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Calling all Ambient, Downtempo & Cinematic production fans: get 2 GB of pro quality sounds for just $50 exclusively at ADSR!

That’s over 1000 WAV loops and samples, plus 260 MIDI files!


ModeAudio have put together 4 of their intense sample packs together in one mind bending bundle that’s guaranteed to hit the spot! Inside you’ll get nearly 1200 files including a complete loop toolbox featuring drums, basslines, percussion, leads, textures and pads, synths, arpeggios and FX too.

You’ll also get a tasty collection of one-shot drum samples, plus 267 bang-on MIDI files to bring you full control over your compositions.

Bundle Features

  • 909 WAV Loops
  • 152 WAV Drum Samples
  • 267 MIDI Files
  • 2 GB Of Sounds
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 1199

ModeAudio’s Ambient, Cinematic & Downtempo Bundle includes complete version of all these packs:

Individual Product Summary:

Remnant: Deep Ambient Loops by ModeAudio

‘Remnant – Deep Ambient Loops’ by ModeAudio will fill your studio with shafts of soft, ethereal sound with 150 dense and immersive music loops. Glowing clouds of textured drones, sparkling arps and chords, immense basses, supple percussion, hypnotic sonic atmospheres and more await you in this sumptuous, 519 MB library of rich, layered sound design!

Replete with all you need to draw up deep Ambient designs, this sound pack will create spaces in your music packed with sonic movement and life. We’ve included intricate Synth Chords, enveloping Arps and soaring Synth Leads to warm, sub Basses, crisp Drums (separated into main grooves and hi hat parts for added flexibility), detailed Percussion, flickering electronic Bleeps, lush Ambiances, shimmering, granular SFX and beyond.

Alongside the core loop content, we’ve also carefully edited and prepared 105 subtle Drum Samples allowing you to punctuate the included rhythms with your own distinct rhythmic style. Rounded Kicks, organic Snares, glittering Hi Hats and fluttering Glitches provide the sparks for you to light up the fire beneath your beats!

Completing the collection are 75 MIDI loops both key and tempo-labelled, enabling you to work with all the melodies, harmonies and rhythms featured in the loops using your own sound design – blend, bend and evolve them to your heart’s content.

This Ambient sound library resonates with elegance and sweet, subtle complexity – immerse your music in this glowing sonic aura and download ‘Remnant – Deep Ambient Loops’ now!

Pack Contents:

  • 150 Music Loops (Ambiances, Drones, Synth Leads, Chords, Basses, Drums, Percussion & SFX)
  • 105 Drum Samples (Kicks, Hi Hats, Glitches & Percussion)
  • 14 Synth Tail Samples
  • 75 MIDI Loops (Tempo & Key-Labelled)

Pour: Ambient Samples & Sounds by ModeAudio

‘Pour – Ambient Sounds & Samples’ from ModeAudio is an elemental tour-de-force of vibrant musical texture, tone and timbre. Dripping with liquid FX, warm bass and colourful ambiance, this versatile set of 150 royalty-free samples will take your music to unparalleled depths of Ambient immersion!

Every single sample, drone and texture included in this collection is an intricately produced piece of careful sound design. Rich with captivating motion, granular detail and deep atmosphere, the samples encompass a flexible variety of sound types including evocative Ambiances, resplendent Synth Textures, soaring Synth Contours, bellowing Sub Basses, kinetic Granulated Samples and flickering Noise Samples.

The stunning range of sounds included will allow you to shift seamlessly and effortlessly through all manner of musical landscapes in your music, from dark and eerie right through to euphoric and bright. Each sample teases out its sonic secrets over 10 seconds or more, comprising a huge palette of subtle spectral fluctuations, evolving textural collages and enveloping washes of mountainous sound!

The real power of this ambient sound collection becomes apparent when you layer up the samples to create thick, multi-timbral constructions and shifting, shimmering beams of delicate, criss-crossing sound.

We’ve also included 49 Synth and Sub Tail Samples to complete the collection, allowing you to fade out your chosen samples with satisfyingly natural, smooth decays.

Drench your music in all the sonic colours of the rainbow – download ‘Pour – Ambient Sounds & Samples’ today!

Pack Contents:

  • 150 Ambient Samples (Ambiences, Sub Basses, Synth Texures & Noise SFX)
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Disintegrate – Cinematic Ambient Loops by ModeAudio

‘Disintegrate – Cinematic Ambient Loops’ from ModeAudio presents a 610 MB reel of deeply evocative sound, soaked in texture, atmosphere and craft. This release roars, swoops and explodes with 396 royalty-free music loops, samples & MIDI files, all meticulously created with our sumptuous selection of analog hardware, digital tools and extensive library of field recordings – simply drop any of these sounds into your mix and revel as your productions are animated to full HD colour and definition!

Whether you’re conjuring up sonic scenes of rich, dense landscapes, drawing inspiration from synth-laden cult classic soundtracks or evoking intense musical emotion from nostalgia right through to pure elation, the 144 synth, bass, drum and SFX loops loaded into this blockbusting sound pack will provide you with all the tools you need to catapult your listeners there and beyond. On top of the core loop content, we’ve spliced bonus material together for your production pleasure, in the form of 47 hefty, analog-layered drum samples, 95 fully-customisable MIDI loops and 110 synth and bass tail samples to bring your chosen loop to a natural conclusion, or leave them hanging over the edge of a cliff.

Explore an entire Ambient universe populated with constellations of synths, dust fields of analog texture and galaxies of deep, planet-shuddering bass – download ‘Disintegrate – Cinematic Ambient Loops’ to rocket you there!
Pack Contents:

  • 144 Acid WAV Loops (Basses, Drums, Leads, Pads, Arps, Drones, SFX)
  • 110 Acid WAV Tail Samples
  • 47 WAV Drum Samples
  • 95 MIDI Files
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 396

Suspense – Dark Cinematic Loops by ModeAudio

‘Suspense – Dark Cinematic Loops’ from ModeAudio is a mysterious package sitting by the side of a deserted road. You saw it out the corner of your eye as your drove through the mist and despite a strange sense of foreboding, feel an irresistible pull to open it and discover its secrets.

Tear open the box and you’ll discover 416MB of devilishly analog sonic delights – synth leads, arps, pads, basses and orchestral percussion to be precise, all ready and waiting to be thrown into your next soundtrack project and transfix your audience with waves of tension and mystery!

We’ve dusting off our vintage synth studio and rewatched every beloved VHS in our collection to create this eerie library of avowedly cinematic sonic treats, taking our cues from the history of Horror film scoring from the iconic John Carpenter to Disasterpeace and beyond.

The heart of the collection is comprised of 130 music loops – a deadly mixture of razor-sharp basslines, slashing arps, trigger-happy analog synth leads, hammering drums and percussion, ice-cold pads, haunting synth drones and ghostly SFX.

In addition to the loops, you’ll find a complimentary set of torturous sound design weapons, such as 59 synth tail samples that will pair with your chosen loop and bring it to rest in peace, and 97 key and tempo-labelled MIDI files, offering a lethal dose of inspiration to launch your next project with.

Fuel your next production with adrenalin and take it to a place filled with dark desires and plenty of drama – download ‘Suspense – Dark Cinematic Loops’ to get there today!

Pack Contents:

  • 130 WAV Music Loops (Basslines, Drums, Percussion, Drones, Pads, Synth Leads & SFX)
  • 97 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo Labelled)
  • 59 WAV Synth Tail Samples
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 286
  • 368.4 MB

* Please Note: Bundled products may differ from individual products when sold separately which may include bonuses not provided in this promotional offer. Please refer to the bundle product listing above for complete details of what is included in this offer.

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