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The Serum Bible - A complete 9 hour video guide Are you interested in using Serum as a tool to...
4.8 stars, based on 9 reviews The Serum Bible - The ultimate guide to Xfer Records SERUM
The Serum Bible - The ultimate guide to Xfer Records SERUM

The Serum Bible – A complete 9 hour video guide

Are you interested in using Serum as a tool to improve and inspire your sound design sessions? Do you know your way around Serum but still feel like you could be getting more out of it? Do you have sounds in your head but lack the technical skills to make them a reality?

Introducing the biggest course Echo Sound Works has ever made, a resource that’s so comprehensive you’ll be referring to it in the weeks and months to come as you discover new techniques and ideas you can apply to your productions straight away.

The ultimate guide to Xfer Records SERUM

Discover the depth and power of Serum in a huge 9 hour bible packed with tips and tricks covering every feature and function.

Led by veteran instructor, Echo Sound Works, this course was designed as a practical resource that goes well beyond any manual with proven tips and tricks that will cement Serum’s place in your daily production workflow.

This huge 9 hour, 55-part video masterclass is as much a lesson in sound design as it is a deep dive introduction to Serum.

Totaling over 9 hours of in-depth, practical instruction, the Serum bible shows you exactly what everything does and – more importantly – how to use Serum when you’re designing sounds irl.

Whether you’re just starting out or you feel like you’ve hit a wall, it’s time to reset, revise and kick your productions up a notch.


  • 9 hours of professional video instruction
  • 55 in-depth videos each giving a thorough walkthrough of essential features of working with Serum
  • Divided into 7 core learning areas

Understanding Serum
Serum Oscillators
Serum Filters
Envelopes and LFO’s
Modulation and FX
Creating Wavetables
Wavetable Editor

  • Understand both theory & practice with an accomplished Producer and sound designer
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons


Echo Sound Works is one of the lead tutors on the ADSR network. He is also the sound designer behind the hugely popular sound design label Echo Sound Works as well as a respected producer.

With his years of experience as a producer, sound designer and tutor, Echo easily explains often complicated topics in a way that anyone can understand them.

By reinforcing everything he teaches with real world examples, you will come away fully understanding everything presented to you in this course.

Every panel, feature and knob in SERUM explained


Module 01 : Understanding Serum

The first module contains 6 videos the center around the basics of Serum and wavetable synthesis. What serum is, what wavetable synthesis, and how to navigate the synth’s GUI.

Introduction – This video introduces the structure and format that the course will take

What is Serum – This video is great for first time users of Serum. It explains what Serum is and what it isn’t, this might seem like a basic concept, but understanding the limitations of Serum makes it easier to make custom sounds and tweak presets.

Understanding – Wavetable Synthesis – Serum is a wavetable synth, and wavetable synths are usually subtractive synthesizers. This video looks at how those two concepts work together while using Serum.

UI Overview – This video take s a unique approach on looking at Serum’s GUI. If you’ve ever opened a synth and gotten a little overwhelmed with al the different sections, knobs, and controls this video will help.

Top Strip Walkthrough – The top strip of any synth usually houses a lot of features and useful workflow tabs. Serum is no different. Learn how to maximize these features in Serum.

Preset Management – Learn how to save and manage presets in Serum.


Module 02-1 : Serum Oscillators

This might be the most important module in the course. Having a deep understanding of Serum’s oscillators will allow you to maximize your ability to make great sounds in Serum.

Oscillators Overview – A quick look at the various types of Oscillators in Serum.

Sub Oscillator – Learn every feature in the Sub Osc.

Noise Oscillator – Learn how to harness the full power of the noise oscillator in Serum.

Oscillators A & B Overview – A general overview look at the controls in the oscillator section in serum.

Unison Engine Overview – The unison engine in Serum is incredibly powerful. Learn how to use it to make Reese basses, supersaws and even a supersaw wavetable.

Oscillator controls – This section finishes up the basic controls in the main oscillator sections.

Bend Warp Mode – Learn what the bend warp mode is and how to use it in sound design

Sync Warp Mode – Learn how to use the sync warp mode to make huge basses and in your face leads


Module 02-2 : Serum Oscillators

PWM Warp Mode – PWM is a classic synth effect/sound and it can be used to make Serum sound more vintage.

Asym Warp Mode – Learn how to use Asym warp in Serum.

Mirror Warp Mode – This is a pretty cool warp mode because it can quickly change the sound of any wavetable, learn how in this video

Remap Warp Mode – This video shows you how to use the remap warp modes in Serum. These are by the far the most user-flexible warp modes at your disposal and can do things no other synth can.

Flip Warp Mode – Explore Serum’s flip warp mode and discover how to get musical results out of it.

Quantize Warp Mode – This warp mode is a great way to apply sample and hold style processing on an oscillator level

FM Warp Mode – What is arguably the most used warp mode in Serum, the FM Warp is a must for Dubstep, Trap and tons of other genres.

AM & RM Warp Modes – Learn how to use these two classic modulation techniques while also learning how to apply them to modern production concepts.

Combining Warp Modes – This video takes all the information covered by the previous videos and just looks at creative ways to combine warp modes to further shape your sound.


MODULE 03 – Serum Filters

This module looks at all things filter related in Serum. It starts at the very basics, signal routing into and out of the filter(s), and then goes on to look at every type of filter available in Serum.

Filter Structure – Serum does have a quite basic filter structure, but understanding this is key. This short video covers every thing you need to know

Main Filter Controls – Learn what the main controls in the main filter do and how to use them when tweaking sounds.

Basic Filters – Learn what types of basic filters you have in Serum and how to use them in sound design.

Multi Mode Filters PT1 – Serum comes with some unique dual or multi mode filters that really allow you to carve out the perfect sound. Learn what they are and how to use them

Multi Mode Filters PT2 Following on from the previous videos in this tute we will we explore Serum’s trimode filters

Flanges Filters – The flanges filters in Serum aren’t actually filters at all so much as they are unique sound shaping tools.

MISC Filters Overview – The MISC category of filters is truly unique to Serum. This short video acts as a simple overview so you can learn what they are and why they are there.

MISC Filter Types PT1 – Looks at the first few types of filters in the MISC category and how to use them.

MISC Filter Types PT2 – This section takes a detailed look at the reverb filter and combs filter, two of the most unique filters in Serum.


MODULE 04- Envelopes and LFO’s

This module will teach you everything you need to know about envelops and lfo’s in Serum. It starts out covering the basics and moves onto more intermediate ideas like how to make arps and sequences using the LO’s in Serum.

Envelopes – Envelopes might not be the most sexy part of sound design, but they are incredibly important to making sounds come to life. This video looks at all the knobs and features Serum’s envelopes have to offer.

LFO Overview – A quick overview video covering the basics of LFO’s and what they are and how to use them in synthesis.

LO Basic Controls – This video covers all of the basic controls of the LFO’s, showcasing many examples along they way.

Creating ARPS with LFO’s – Learn how to make ARPS using nothing but an LFO in Serum.

Creating Sequences using LFO’s – This video builds off of the previous section and will teach you how to make whole sequences.

Velocity and Note Macros – Find out how to make sounds velocity sensitive and how to apply the note macro to diferent frequencies.


MODULE 05 – Modulation and FX

This module teaches you how to bring a sound to life by using a combination of macros, modulation and FX.

How To Use Macros – Learn how to use macros in Serum to do things like set up Serum to talk with your MIDI controller for easy tweaks and hands on automation.

Modulation in Serum – Learn how to use both drag and drop modulation in Serum as well as the MOD Matrix.

FX Rack Overview – Serum’s FX rack is a breath of fresh of air for a synth effects section. Learn how to use it and navigate the various modules.

Hyper/Detune – Learn how to use the hyper and detune effects in Serum to sculpt your sounds.

Distoriton – Serum comes with 13 modes of distortion. Learn how to use each and every one.

FX Flanger – A Flanger a day keeps the mix doctor away. This is a really powerful effect, learn how to use Serum’s take on a classic effect.

FX Phaser – Learn how to use the Phaser in Serum to sculpt your sounds.

FX Chorus – Chorus is a classic synth effect that can be used on almost any sound. Learn how to expertly use Serum’s chorus effect.

FX Delay – This video will teach you how to use the delay in Serum.

FX Compressor – Serum’s compressor has a unique sound that is responsible for how literally of hundreds of your favorite tracks sound. Learn how to use the compressor as well as some of the hidden features.

FX EQ – Serum comes with a great graphic EQ, learn how to clean up your sounds or make them pop in the mix a bit more.


MODULE 06 – Creating Wavetables

Serum changed the wavetable game forever by allowing the user easy methods for creating custom wavetables. This module looks at every way you can possibly make a custom table in Serum.

Making Custom WT’s PT1 – Learn how to build a custom table frame by frame

Making Custom WT’s PT2 – Learn how to resample warp modes and whole presets into usable wavetables.

Creating Custom Wavetables from Pictures – The title says it all.

Creating Custom Wavetables from Audio Files – Learn how to import WAV samples and convert them into playable tables.


MODULE 07 – Wavetable Editor

The final module of the course looks at how you can use the wavetable editor to do some truly unique things to your tables and sounds in Serum.

Wavetable Editor – This video looks at the features, sections, and options in the wavetable editor.


Since we launched, ADSR’s tutorials and video courses have helped countless producers, just like you, to gain expert command over their production choices be it sound or genre specific or general production and design intelligence.

Over the years, Serum has become globally recognised as an immensely powerful and flexible synthesizer, allowing producers of all levels to create an indescribable array of complex sounds.

However, the same features that make it awesome can also be its downfall.

If you find Serum’s bank of features too confusing, you risk relegating it to the dusty folders of your computer’s too-hard basket.

With expert tuition and a few pro tips you can join the thousands of Xfer Serum fans using this synth to create the sounds you hear on TV, on soundcloud and in your wildest dreams.

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