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VPS Avenger Masterclass - Every feature and function explained Discover the depth and power of...
4.8 stars, based on 5 reviews VPS Avenger Masterclass - Every feature and function explained
VPS Avenger Masterclass - Every feature and function explained

VPS Avenger Masterclass – Every feature and function explained

Discover the depth and power of Avenger and put these features to work for you. Led by veteran instructor, Echo Sound Works , this is a comprehensive course that goes well beyond any manual with practical tips and tricks that will plant Avenger into your regular production workflow.

This 28-part video masterclass is as much a lesson in sound design as it is a deep dive introduction to Avenger. Totalling over 4.5 hours of hands on instruction, this mammoth course shows you exactly what everything does and – more importantly – how to use Avenger when you’re designing sounds irl.

Unleash The Power of Avenger – Discover A New Potential For Sound Design.


MODULE 1: Introduction to the Course and Avenger:

PART1 What is Avenger – This video introduces the key concepts behind what type of synth Avenger is and how you can use it.

PART 2 GUI Overview – To get you aquatinted with Avenger, we take a quick macro-sized look at the various sections of the synth.

PART 3 What I Love About Avenger – This section of the course quickly runs through some of my favorite elements of the synth and why I like them.

It’s impossible not get excited when introduced to the scope of features on offer


MODULE 2: Getting Started with Avenger

PART 4 Top Strip Functions – This video covers the top strip of Avenger and all of the menu items and functions.

PART 5 Preset Browser – The preset browser in Avenger is incredibly robust and efficient. Learn how to tag, search and create custom expansions in this video.

PART 6 Import Custom Samples & Waveforms – This video will teach you how to make custom waveforms from any synth as well as how to import multisample into Avenger.

PART 7 Synthesis Generators – Avenger comes loaded with 6 synthesis modes or generators. This video covers those and will get you more comfortable using each mode moving forward.


6 core modules broken into 26 videos that will teach you everything you need to know to use AVENGER like a pro. With this highly focused course you will be amazed how quickly you can learn to use this new software synthesizer.

One thing this tutorial course is not, is a video manual. It will cover the basics of what each knob and slider does, but that’s not the main focus of the course. By giving you practical tips and tricks, this course will give you the ability to pluck a sound from your brain’s imagination and here it through the speakers in front of you.

Each knob, oscillator, control, effect, filter and more is broken down into easy to follow instructions that get you up to speed fast. Rather than months and years of endless trial and error, you’ll be up and running within hours! Your music will be built on a solid foundation, and you’ll be light years ahead of other producers.

” Just great! Thanks, great help! #:)

– Kai S


MODULE 3: Avenger Oscillators

PART 8 Oscillator Transform Modes – Avenger comes with extensive transform mode options which allow you to shape, warp and bend waveforms, wavetables and samples. This video will teach you how to implement FM, AM, Xcite, Sync and Formant transform modes.

PART 9 Oscillator V Saw – This section will teach you how to use Avenger’s unison engine to create big, unison sounds like the supersaw.

PART 10 Oscillator FFT Editors – Avenger allows you to use Fast Fourier Transform filters to further sculpt and create sounds. This video will show you how to do it.

PART 11 Free Form Oscillator – Avenger allows you to create custom waveforms by drawing them into a grid.

PART 12 Oscillator Right Click Controls – Avenger implements a unique right click mouse behavior on a host of knobs. Learn how to harness the power of these hidden knobs in the oscillator section.


MODULE 4: From Synthesis to Sequencers

PART 13 Wavetable Synthesis in Avenger – Avenger is truly a full fledged WT synth. Learn how to use all of it’s features and capabilities.

PART 14 Sample Synthesis Mode – One of the most unique elements of Avenger is the ability to use samples and multisample directly in the synth. Learn how in this video.

PART 15 Drum Oscillator – Avenger comes with a drum osc and a drum sequencer. This video will show you how to make custom drum kits in Avenger.

PART 16 Drum Sequencer – Drum Sequencers may be old school, but they can work wonders especially if you are having some creative beat block. This video will show you the various controls in the drum sequencer as well as how to create your own sequences.

PART 17 ARP – No synth is complete without an arpeggiator. Learn how to use the ARP in Avenger.

PART 18 Step Sequencer – Avenger also comes with a step sequencer so you can make classic Trance gate sounds or emulate a side chained kick. Learn how in this video.


With so many features and functions included, Avenger is better described as a production environment for synthesis. It’s exciting but also potentially daunting.

This course offers 29 videos totalling over 280 minutes of professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio. Play them over and over, as many times as you need to understand the lesson and start making the music you want today!

What’s most exciting in Avenger – apart from the fact that its got pretty much everything you’ve ever experienced in a synth and then some and all in one place – is just how much you can revise, reroute and rework just about every parameter you could think of. As you begin to grasp the possibilities be prepared to get inspired like never before!

” Thank you very much for these videos. Worth every penny!

– Stan L


MODULE 5 : Envelopes and Avenger’s Mixer Tab

PART 19 Pitch Envelope – The pitch envelope in Avenger is a dedicate pitch modulating, multi-point envelope. In this video you will learn it’s features and how to use it.

PART 20 Modulation Envelope – This video will teach you everything you need to know about the modulation envelopes in Avenger.

PART 21 Mixer Tab – Not too many synths give you such an easy way to mix and blend oscillators together. Avenger has a DAW style mixer. This section of the course will teach you how to use it.

PART 22 AMP Envelopes – Avenger has up to 4 AMP modules each with its own AHDSR envelope, as well as being able connect to other env sources. The spike parameter is another great feature that is pretty unique to Avenger.

PART 23 Filter Section – Discover the control and creativity you have to play with using Avenger’s 4 envelopes and different routing options.

If you’ve been chasing a truly original sound this is where you’ll find it, if it doesn’t find you first!


MODULE 6: Avenger Filters, LFO, FX and more!

PART 24 LFO’S – In this section, you will learn how to navigate the various LFO controls as well as how to create custom LFO shapes.

PART 25 Shaper Module – Take a walkthrough Avenger’s Shaper Module and learn how the different routing options and distortion options will affect your sound.
PART 26 Modulation in Avenger – Avenger offers to modes for modulation. A classic table style mod matrix as well as drag and drop. This video will teach you how to use both systems in Avenger.

PART 27 Routing in Avenger – Avenger has a really powerful routing system that allows for impressive complexity while being surprisingly easy to use.

PART 28 FX Rack – Avenger has an impressive array of fx options and almost endless options for where and how to use them!

PART 29 Macro Controls Take a quick look at mapping modulations to Avenger’s Modulation Controls.

PART 30 Outro
Familiarise yourself with every setting and enjoy a fully productive workflow.


Be among the first to master this astonishing new synth and inject your audio projects with an originality and technical prowess any pro would be proud of.

With expert tuition and some keen pro tips you can start creating the sounds you hear on TV, on Soundcloud and in your wildest dreams now!

If you want to be on board with the latest functions of Avenger, this is definitely the best place to start.

” ADSR is great! You want to improve your techniques? Then you’re right with ADSR!

– Josh O

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