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Vital Quickstart Guide - A 4 Hour Masterclass of Technical and Creative Discovery A Sound...
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Vital Quickstart Guide

Vital Quickstart Guide – A 4 Hour Masterclass of Technical and Creative Discovery

A Sound Designer’s dream, Vital is a spectral warping wavetable synth that uses flexibility, power and control to give your sounds new creative potential.

Vital Quickstart Guide is a comprehensive, 4-hour, deep dive to get you up and running using all the features and functions of Vital from the Oscillators to the Morph Modes, the Filters to the Wavetable Editor, and everything in between. Set aside the time and learn the skills you need to take your sound beyond amazing.

Vital Quickstart Guide – Dive in and start making the sounds you want – today!

Go beyond the manual and discover why Vital deserves a place in your production workflow and how to put it there.

Veteran production instructor Echo Sound Works explains, demonstrates and discusses the practical and creative real-world use of Vital across 18 individual tutorial videos.

This epic 4 hour, 18-part video masterclass is as much a lesson in sound design as it is a full walk-through introduction to Vital.

Totalling over 4 hours of in-depth, practical instruction, Vital Quickstart Guide shows you what things do and – more importantly – how to use Vital when you’re designing sounds for real-world use.

Whether you’re just starting out or you want to upgrade to power user status, gain the technical expertise to make the best use of Vital


Since its recent launch, Vital has made waves as a go-to Synth for creating new and interesting complexities in original sounds.

If you want to unlock the fresh capabilities of Vital, this is the best place to start.

  • 4 hours of professional video instruction
  • 18 in-depth videos each giving a thorough walkthrough of essential features of working with Vital
  • Divided into 6 core learning areas:
    • Introduction to Synthesis with Vital
    • Vital Oscillators & Morph Modes
    • Vital Filters
    • Envelopes and LFO’s
    • Modulation, Macros & More
    • Wavetables & Wavetable Editor
  • Understand both theory & practice with an accomplished Producer and sound designer
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons


Echo Sound Works is one of the lead tutors on the ADSR network. He is also the sound designer behind the hugely popular sound design label Echo Sound Works as well as a respected producer.

With his years of experience as a producer, sound designer and tutor, Echo easily explains often complicated topics in a way that anyone can understand.

By reinforcing everything he teaches with real-world examples, you will come away fully understanding everything presented to you in this course.

Since we launched, ADSR’s tutorials and video courses have helped countless producers, just like you, to gain expert command over their production choices be it sound or genre-specific or general production and design intelligence.


Module 01 : Introduction to Synthesis with Vital

Learn the basics of Vital and wavetable synthesis. Explore what Vital is, what wavetable synthesis is, and how to navigate the synth’s GUI.

Course Introduction Welcome to the course, are you ready to learn?

Understanding Wavetable Synthesis Become familiar with the basics of wavetable synthesis

GUI Overview Walk through the interface and get acquainted with where everything is


Module 02 : Vital Oscillators & Morph Modes

Let’s jump into sound shaping with Vital’s oscillators and morph modes. Understanding these functions will allow you to fully explore creative sound design in Vital and the outcome can be mind blowing!

Deep dive into Vital’s oscillators focusing on the 3 primary oscillators

Spectral Morph Modes
Let’s check out the spectral morph modes and mess around with harmonics

Wave Morph Modes
See what happens to your sound when you alter the waveshape using Wave Morph Modes

Sample OSC
Small but might Vital’s Sample Oscillator allows you to layer samples into your sound with some truly unique results


Module 03 : Vital Filters

This module looks at all things filter related in Vital. It starts at the very basics, signal routing into and out of the filter(s), and then goes on to look at every type of filter available in Vital.

Filters Part 1
Overview of filter controls, touching on signal flow and how to work different parts of the filter

Filters Part 2
Let’s explore the features and differences between the first four types of filters – Analog, Dirty, Ladder & Digital

Filters Part 3
Continue our study of Vital’s Filter’s looking at Diode, Formant, Comb & Phaser and how they affect our sound


MODULE 04 – Envelopes and LFO’s

Continue your sound shaping journey with envelopes and LFO’s in Vital. It starts out covering the basics and moves onto more intermediate ideas like how to make arps and sequences using the LFO’s in Vital.

Take a look at Vital’s envelopes and learn how you can sculpt your sound with multiple envelopes on offer

Walkthrough the LFO’s controls in detail and fully customise the shape of your LFOs

LFO Arps
How to use the LFO’s to create arpeggiated patterns and sequences


MODULE 05 – Modulation, Macros & More

This module complete our look at the voicing controls with a look at Modulators and Macros

Check out the random LFO modulators and the miscellaneous modulators

A quick look at how to use Macros to control multiple parameters in the synth from one place

Look at all things modulation in Vital using both drag and drop and the modulation matrix to view and remap your active modulations


MODULE 06 – Vital Effects & Wavetable Editor

Last but by no means least, this module takes you through the advanced tab, the effects tab and introduces you to wavetable creationa nd editing.

Advanced Tab
Let’s go through the Advanced Tab which offers oscillator and indepth unison controls, voicing, and display options

A look at some of the standout effects included in Vital

Making Wavetables & Wavetable Editor
Get started creating, tweaking, and editing wavetables in Vital

Reach a whole new level of musical knowledge and creativity – Every panel, feature and knob in Vital explained

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