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CREATE YOUR OWN SOUNDS WITH MASSIVE Have you ever listened to one of your favorite tracks from a...
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Sound Design With Massive


Have you ever listened to one of your favorite tracks from a top producer and wanted to know exactly how he makes those great sounds?

The ability of elite producers to consistently create unique sounds isn’t a fluke. Certainly they have talent. But just as important, they have the training needed to move beyond stock sounds and endless presets to use music software in new and innovative ways.

In this 3 hour course you will discover the fundamentals of sound design using NI Massive. You’ll get a comprehensive series of 37 video tutorials designed around 5 key instrument categories: bass, pads, leads, FX and drums. These videos are downloaded instantly to your computer. No shipping and no waiting!

I recently purchased your sound design course. I’m loving it. As I’m new in music production, I’m get into it very slowly. I only just seen a few videos from your course and I really love it. The subjects are very well explained

J. Alves



Every great track depends on a solid bass with lots of character. Massive gets you up and running fast. You’ll learn:

  • How bit-crushing a sine wave adds harmonics so you hear a lot of texture.
  • Little known secrets like which waveform is the secret to the perfect sub-bass.
  • How to mix LFO’s and envelopes to “reject” standard sounds and generate new and exciting sounds.
  • A little trick to use two different sources to modulate the sound to “wobble” or “walk” a sound.
  • What the most creative producers do to generate great sounds by playing around and experimenting.
  • How to use the scream filter with formant frequencies with downsampling to get your bass to “talk.”
  • How Excision and other producers use Dimension Expander for movement and interesting bass tones.
  • How to use Massive to overcome a dramatic weakness of every sound system in the world.


Bass tracks are the foundation of every good song. But the lead is the real star, soaring, diving, shrieking and strumming. Forming great leads is a real art and this section of videos will give you a head start:

  • Why it is important to develop your ears instead of worrying about knowing every technical detail of sound shaping.
  • The little known technique to create gritty, aggressive leads.
  • What famous producer relies on the Scream filter (and why you should know this filter inside out).
  • How Sine Shaper can infuse characteristics to any sound by adding harmonics and distortion.
  • A simple way to use Chorus to fatten up a sound quickly with proper offset, depth and rate.
  • How to listen to the tracks of top producers and try to reconstruct those sounds on Massive.
  • Clever ways to use your downtime to experiment with sounds and train your internal ear.


Standing out in music production is tough!

There is a mountain of knowledge to stay on top of.

Every year, there is a new crop of thousands of wanna-be producers to compete with. Most of these hacks will turn to sample CD’s and head straight for the synth presets.

Result? A million dull tracks that all sound the same, boring the public to tears.

Now you have a secret weapon. Learning sound design will open up a whole new world of possibilities for your productions.

When you are done with the “Sound Design with Massive” video series, you’ll have tons more skills than those hacks. It will be like bringing a cannon to a knife fight.

You’ll be able to create any sound you want from scratch as well as dissect the sounds you hear and work out exactly how they were made!

Think about it for a second – how would that improve your production skills?

” I have been stuck in this rut with creating my own music because I merely didn’t know where to start. I was had been furiously googling for help and your website popped up. Wow, so affordable I couldn’t believe it.

– C Burgess


While Massive is well known for crunching basses and screaming leads, pads and atmospheres give a track balance and lightness. In this section of videos you’ll get the lowdown on:

  • How to deconstruct a pad or atmosphere and learn the inner workings and apply those to any new composition you can create.
  • The right way to use the noise oscillator to create white noise.
  • How to create dense, blurry, atmospheres with the correct spread and pitch cutoffs.
  • How to modulate phase to change a preset into string-instrument type sounds like violin and cello.
  • How to apply presets from completely different instruments to create new pads and atmospheres.
  • Why the noise filter is ideal to create unusual harmonics and add low end character.


Traditionally, synthesizers have not been the “go-to” source for drums. Most producers have relied on natural sounds or samples. Nonetheless, Massive is perfect for synthesizing certain percussion instruments, and adding spice and punch to claps, hi-hats and kicks. In this section of videos you’ll discover:

  • Which waveform constitutes the core of most of the kicks you produce.
  • How to listen to percussion in real life and attempt to duplicate it in Massive.
  • Clever ways to adjust white noise to change where the “skin” on the snare is hit- near the edge or center.
  • How to layer the core sound for different hi-hat sounds.
  • How to create toms with similar automation to a kick drum (which could also be used for a bass).
  • How to add formants to add depth and punch.
  • Why practice is just as important as formal training and education.


This course is split into 37 videos – meaning each part of the process is broken down into minute detail, giving you the knowledge you need to create your own sounds and a course you can digest at your own pace.

The goal of this Video series is simple- to give you the Massive skills you need to obliterate the competition. There is also a smaller but perhaps, more powerful, goal.

One of the themes we stress over and over is that you can rapidly advance your expertise when you learn to deconstruct all sounds, figure out what makes them sound like they do, and attempt to reconstruct that inside Massive.

In this way your Sound Design silks will go way beyond Massive and, with enough practice, will become a part of every track you produce on any platform, with any piece of software.

Regardless of your skill level with Massive, this video course has been designed to advance your knowledge of NI Massive and guarantees you see an improvement in your music making today.

Imagine never being stuck for a sound again. Whether it’s a kick drum, warm pad or a shrieking lead.

” Love the pace of this stuff, so fast and straight to the point, great tutorial even for practiced users.

– E Wyrtz

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