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Get That Sound: OVO Hip Hop Echo Sound Works leaves no stone unturned with almost 7 hours of in...
4.9 stars, based on 12 reviews OVO Hip Hop / Future RNB - Get the sound
OVO Hip Hop / Future RNB - Get the sound

Get That Sound: OVO Hip Hop

Echo Sound Works leaves no stone unturned with almost 7 hours of in depth video content! This course literally explains and demonstrates everything you need to know about OVO and Future RnB.

From a listen-and-learn style review of current OVO styled productions; to an indepth walkthrough of critical OVO sounds including drums, basses, leads and more; right through to building drum grooves, writing melodies and chord progressions as well as essential mixing tips and tricks for OVO.

As an added bonus, you also receive the OVO drum kit used in the tutorial course and three 808 instruments formatted in a custom instrument for NI Kontakt.

Learn Proven Strategies – Unlock Your Musical Potential

choose drums for OVO

Breaking Down The Sound of OVO

INTRODUCTION TO COURSE – This video covers the layout of the tutorial course.

INTRODUCTION TO OVO SOUND – This section looks at and dissects the sound of OVO and Future RnB. We will play and walkthrough some very popular and contemporary tracks by artists like Drake, G Eazy, the Weekend and more.

THE DRUM SOUND – This video discusses the types of drum sounds that you will commonly find in an OVO Future RnB style production.

OVO KICKS, SNARES, HATS & CLAPS – These 4 dedicated videos explore the percussive sounds and samples you need to find or make to get that sound synonymous with OVO.

OVO Drum Groove

Building Grooves

BUILDING GROOVES PART 1 – This is a real-time look at how to make a drum groove for OVO and hip hop using Logic and the piano roll within Logic X. This is a great video for people looking to learn more about drum programming for hip hop.

BUILDING GROOVES PART 2 – This video builds a groove using Maschine to sequence the drums.

BUILDING GROOVES PART 3 – This section looks at how to build more of a laid back and chill groove using Maschine.

Learn the theory, watch it in action, Make the Music!

  • Learn how to create OVO style sounds and songs
  • Improve your Production & Mixing Skills
  • 7 Hours of Practical Video Instruction
  • Bonus Drum kit and 808 Kontakt instruments

This course kicks off a new series on ADSR called GET THAT SOUND – a series of in depth tutorial courses that teach you how to achieve some of electronic music’s hottest sounds and genres. Learn how to audition, create and arrange all the sonic elements that go into record breaking track.

OVO Leads

Crafting Sounds For OVO, Hip Hop, RnB

THE SOUNDS OF OVO – This important section details the types of sounds that are commonly used in an OVO Future RnB production.

THE 808’S – 808’s and sub basses are two of the most important elements of an OVO production. This video will not only show you some great 808 libraries on the market, it will also give you some great tips and tricks for your 808 game.

MAKING SUB BASS SOUNDS IN MASSIVE – This video shows you how to create a very usable 808 style bass in NI Massive.

MAKING BASS SOUNDS IN MASSIVE – Part 14 discusses and shows you how to create dark and ambient basses in NI Massive.

MAKING LEAD SOUNDS IN MASSIVE – This video will show you how to make lead sounds in NI Massive.

MAKING LEAD SOUNDS IN MASSIVE PART 2 – This video will continue where section 15 left off, but it also shows you how to create OVO leads in any synth using some pro tips and tricks.

OVO Chord Progression

Putting all together

THE MELODIES THE CHORDS OF OVO – Now that you know how to create drum grooves and know what types of sounds make for a good OVO production, put it all together and learn how to write melodies and chord progressions that will get any rapper or singer ready to lay down on your track.

MIXING OVO TIPS AND TRICKS – In the final video of the tutorial course, learn some great mixing tips and tricks that will help you polish your OVO style productions.

Get That Sound

OVO (Stands for October’s Very Own) is the record label responsible for shaping the sound of modern hip hop and RnB productions over the past 5 years.

Artists like Drake, The Weekend, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Party Next Door and producers like Boi-1da, Mike Zombie and Noah 40 Shebib are all apart of the OVO umbrella either through the label or through the producers on the label.

The sound is often dark, chill, sparse, slightly 80’s influenced and continues to grow in popularity.

About Your Tutor

Echo Sound Works is one of the lead tutors on the ADSR network. He is also the sound designer behind the hugely popular sound design label Echo Sound Works as well as a producer.

With his years of experience as a producer, sound designer and tutor, Echo easily explains often complicated topics in a way that anyone can understand them. By reinforcing everything he teaches with real world examples, you will come away fully understanding everything presented to you in this course.

Professional instruction from a working producer. It’s like having your own private tutor!

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