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Learn NI Razor in hours, not weeks. MAKE THE SOUNDS YOU WANT! 16 videos / Over 4 hours of expert...
5 stars, based on 1 reviews NI Razor Masterclass - Learn Every Feature & Function of Razor
NI Razor Masterclass - Learn Every Feature & Function of Razor

Learn NI Razor in hours, not weeks. MAKE THE SOUNDS YOU WANT!

16 videos / Over 4 hours of expert tuition on every single feature and function of NI Razor. Brought to you by some of the biggest Reaktor & Sound Design tutorial resources https://www.adsrsounds.com and https://www.reaktortutorials.com/

The Full Power of NI Razor Under Your Control – Learn To Make Professional Sounds Today!

From the basics of the interface and an overview of the engine under the hood to an in-depth tour of every feature and function right through to practical demonstration of how to design sounds as well as plenty of tips and tricks. This video masterclass will have you up and working with Razor like a pro.

Every feature, button and knob in Razor thoroughly explained – the best place to get started with NI Razor!

Introduction & Overview

PART 1 – Introduction – This video briefly outlines the scope the tutorial course.

PART 2 – Overview – Razor is a very unique synthesizer. It’s technically an Additive synth but on the face of it it looks like a subtractive. Understanding a little bit about the concept of Razor goes a long way in the sound design process.

PART 3 – GUI Overview – Learn how to navigate the interface in Razor.

PART 4 – Signal Flow – Razor has a unique signal flow in comparison to other popular soft synths. This video quickly covers how the signal is processed by Razor.

PART 5 – Global Settings and Controls – This video covers the top strip of Razor and all of its controls.

Lay the groundwork for a practical and professional level understanding of Reaktor’s most famous Ensemble

Oscillators & Filters

PART 6 – Oscillators – This video covers the Oscillators in Razor and how each waveform can be used in sound design.

PART 7 – Filter 1 – This section covers all of the Filter types you can use in Filter 1 in Razor. This extensive video looks at sound design techniques with each filter type and how to apply them.

PART 8 – Filter 2 – The Filters in Razor are unique in that the types of filters you can load in filter 2 differs from filter 1. Learn all about these filters and why there is a difference.

If you’re ready to see just how filters can change the character – watch and learn!


Razor is a massively capable synthesizer that can be used to make an impressive range of interesting and unique sounds, if you know how to use it properly. This imposing Reaktor Ensemble features a tonne of features – it even has a full fledged Vocoder that can process external audio!

Over 4 hours long, this course leaves no stone unturned explaining what everything does and showing you how to use it.

We’ve got you covered. Our world-class video tutorials will make you cool and confident as you take simple, powerful steps to build the sounds you hear in your cranium.

Each knob, oscillator, control, effect, filter and more is broken down into easy to follow instructions that get you up to speed fast. Rather than months and years of endless trial and error, you’ll be up and running within hours! Your music will be built on a solid foundation, and you’ll be light years ahead of other producers.

Every pro has a coach.

Our videos allow you to get professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio. Play them over and over, as many times as you need to understand the lesson and add the new skills to your existing chops. These videos will fill in any gaps in your Razor education and get you to the head of the class.

Modulation, FX and More!

PART 9 – Dissonance FX – This video covers all of the Dissonance FX in Razor as well as some helpful sound design tips.

PART 10 – Stereo FX – This section covers how to use the stereo FX (Think reverb, auto pan etc.) in Razor to further enhance your sounds.

PART 11 – Dynamics FX – The only real audio fX in Razor are the Dynamic FX. Learn how to use them and what they are.

PART 12 – Envelopes/LFO’s – The envelopes in Razor aren’t anything special but they are flexible in regards to their routing capabilities.

PART 13 – Modulation – This video covers how to set up modulation destination within Razor. Also learn some great tips and tricks for certain modulation parameters like LFO’s and Envelopes.

PART 14 – Macros – This video covers how to create macros which allows you to easily access and tweak your modulation assignments.


PART 15 – Bonus PT1 – Supersaw sound design tips and tricks. Razor is capable of creating some interesting unison sounds using a combination of the Dissonance/Stereo FX and filtering techniques.

PART 16 Bonus PT2 – Sine/Sub Frequency tips and tricks. Razor doesn’t come with a simple sine waveform, so to make one or to add one to a sound you need to know some tips and tricks. There are more ways to do this than presented in the video, but this will show you one technique!

Go outside the box and start using Razor in ways you previously didn’t know possible!


Are you already cranking out brain-bending sounds with Razor? No problem.

This comprehensive video course will allow you to reach a whole new level of musical knowledge and creativity. Complex concepts are made easy to understand and employ right away. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to create the sounds you imagine in your dreams

Join Thousand of Satisfied Customers

Since ADSR launched, our comprehensive range of tutorials and video courses has helped countless producers, just like you, to gain expert command over the most powerful and popular production software.

The flexibility and complexity of Razor can make it a bit of a mystery for many sound designers. Don’t fall victim to its overwhelming complexity, At first glance Razor may seem unfamiliar and even confusing.

With expert tuition and a few pro tips you can join the thousands of ADSR customers using synth’s like Razor to create the sounds you hear on TV, on soundcloud and in your wildest dreams.

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