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Mixing in Maschine In this 8 part course, you'll learn basic principles of mixing in...
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Mixing in Maschine

Mixing in Maschine

In this 8 part course, you’ll learn basic principles of mixing in Maschine as well as a dedicated workflow to take advantage of the NI Maschine hardware.

This comprehensive guide to basic mixing in Maschine teaches fundamental mix concepts using the Maschine mix window of the software and hardware and much more. From Group and Sound level mixing techniques to Send FX, Master Bus Processing as well as how to incorporate these techniques into a fluid and intuitive workflow.

Make Better Mixes And Get More Out of Your Maschine


Drummer & Ultrabeat

Course Overview & Mixing Tour
An introduction and overview of the course as well as a step by step walkthrough of all the relevant features and functions of both the maschine software and hardware that you will be working as you progress through the course

Mix Concepts
Whether you’re completely new to mixing or you’ve got some experience under your belt, this module arms you with an understanding of essential mixing concepts and how they relate to mixing with Machine.

The Power Mix Workflow
Learn practical workflow techniques that take advantage of Maschine and the ‘mix as you go’ capability that the hardware offers.

Group Level Mixing
Learn how to approach mixing at the group level so that each group fulfils a complementary role rather than competing for attention in a mix.


Programming & Workflow Tips

Sound Level Mixing
Get some techniques for working with individual sounds using Maschine’s sampler as well as a tight selection of plugins to help you get the most out of your mix.

Send FX
Learn how to add space, texture, energy and power to your mix using different send FX.

Master Bus Processing
Get a crash course in master bus processing in Maschine and learn how to make your tracks sound seamless.

Exporting your Mix & Stems
Round out your understanding of mixing in maschine with a walkthrough of exporting your mix as a final track or stems according to your needs.

Course Features

In just over 60 minutes you will break down the skills, knowledge and techniques you need to improve your mixes!

  • Over 60 Minutes of professional video instruction
  • 8 indepth videos each demonstrating critical elements of the mixing process
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons

About Your Tutor

Stephen Ellestad is a multi-instrumentalist producer, engineer and music educator. He has recorded and performed on bass with a wide range of artists – among them Clyde Stubblefield, Hanah Jon Taylor, Ron Holloway & Merl Saunders –to name just a few.

Alongside his jazz and funk work, Stephen works as a producer and mix engineer at his studio in Northern California, composing instrumental hip-hop, chillout and world influenced downtempo alongside original scores for film & television.

Stephen studied at the Media Institute (Madison, WI) and holds Pro Tools certifications in Music and Audio Post Production. He works extensively in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live Studio, NI Maschine/Komplete and Celemony Melodyne.

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