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Mastering With Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced In this comprehensive tutorial course, Echo Sound...
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Mastering With Ozone 7

Mastering With Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced

In this comprehensive tutorial course, Echo Sound Works takes you through the world of mastering and how to use Ozone 7 Advanced to master your own music.

22 individual video tutorials totalling over 4 hours of indepth instruction. The Mastering with Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced Course is broken into 6 unique modules and will explain the concepts and practices of mastering; look at all the features and functions of Ozone 7 and how they pertain to mastering; and allow you to observe step-by-step techniques for mastering both specific instruments and complete tracks. Learn exactly how to use Ozone 7 to polish your musical projects to perfection.

Achieve Professional Mastering Results From Your Home Studio


MODULE 1: The Fundamentals of Mastering

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Mixing Vs Mastering – This video covers the key differences between mixing and mastering and how to separate the processes.

Part 3 – What is Ozone – This section details what Izotope Ozone 7 is, how it differs from other production software such as a DAW and how it fits in the Mastering workflow.

Part 4 – Mastering FX – This video covers the typical types of plugins used in a mastering project.

Part 5 – Mastering Mindset – This video is designed to shift you into the mindset of a mastering engineer. Mastering and mixing are two very different applications and trying to mix when you are mastering will only hurt your project in the long run.

Part 6 – Prepping The Mix – This video covers how to prep the mix for mastering so you’re starting off in a good place.


MODULE 2: Izotope Ozone 7 Features & Functions

Part 7 – Interface – This video covers the basics of the Ozone 7 interface.

Part 8 – Equalizer – This section takes an in depth look at the main EQ and it’s function in Ozone 7.

Part 9 – Post EQ – Ozone comes with a post EQ for added flexibility. This video will teach you when and how to use it.

Part 10 – Dynamic EQ – This is Ozone’s special EQ it employs a mix of equalization and multi band compression.

Part 11 – Vintage EQ – One of the best additions to Ozone 7 is the Vintage EQ module. Discover its creative uses.

Expand Your Skills And Gain A Professional Edge

Whether you want to expand you’re skills to be able to master your own demos and set tracks; have just picked up or are considering getting Izotope’s Ozone 7 and want to learn exactly how it works; or you want to deepen understanding of the processes and vastly improve the way you mix and prepare for third-party mastering – this course is for you.

Mastering a track from home used to be something only the desperate and/or naïve would have attempted. Nowadays, even the pro’s acknowledge that with the right set up and the right knowledge, its absolutely achievable for a bedroom or project studio producer to master their own music.

In today’s reality, these skills are invaluable for any producer who wants to be heard.


MODULE 3: Ozone 7 Dynamics, Compressor and Limiter

Part 12 – Dynamics – This is arguably the most important module in Ozone 7. This is how you can bring your mix to life! Learn every function of this powerful processor.

Part 13 – Vintage Compressor – This video looks at how to use the highly innovative vintage compressor in Ozone 7.

Part 14 – Vintage Limiter – This video covers the unique features of the Vintage Limiter in Ozone 7.

Part 15 – Maximizer – The maximizer in Ozone 7 is one of the most important tools for achieving a commercial viable mix. It’s a limiter, compressor and expander all in one. This video will teach you how to use it.

MODULE 4: Ozone 7 Imager, Exciter & Vintage Tape

Part 16 – Imager – This video will teach you how to use the stereo imager in Ozone 7 to create more dynamic stereo rich mixes.

Part 17 – Exciter – The aural exciter in Ozone 7 is a great way to make certain frequency bands pop out of the mix. Learn how to use this module in this video.

Part 18 – Vintage Tape – This is a analog gear heads dream! Get authentic tape sound without the wow, flutter, hiss and artifacts.


MODULE 5: Mastering Pro Tips & More

Part 19 – Mastering EQ Pro Tips – This video will teach you some very helpful pro tips when using and applying mastering EQ.

Part 20 – Dynamics Pro Tips – This section will teach you some great tips and tricks for the Dynamic module.

Part 21 – Maximizer Pro Tips – This video covers tips and tricks for getting more juice out of the maximizer in Ozone.

MODULE 6: Mastering A Track

Part 22 – Mastering a track – In the final section of the tutorial course, we look at how to put everything we learned throughout the course and will master a track together.

About Your Tutor

Echo Sound Works is a sound designer and music producer and one of ADSR’s lead tutors for massivesynth.com and sylenthtutorials.com

He is the creator of the best selling sound sets Massive Beast V.1, Melbourne Anthems, EDM Drops V.1 and Future EDM V.1.

He has produced music in multiple genres including EDM, singer songwriter and pop ands had his music placed everywhere from VH1 and MTV to ABC Family and Lionsgate.

Professional instruction from a working producer. It’s like having your own private tutor!

Save time and money and develop the practical skills to get professional mastering results using Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced.

Of course the benefits of having an independent ear at, or even before the mastering stage will always be invaluable. Even if you decide to go it alone, you should include consulting with an experienced peer or professional as part of your overall workflow.

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