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Learn your new Maschine MK3 With the release of the Maschine MK3, Native Instruments have upped...
4.6 stars, based on 51 reviews Maschine MK3 - Complete guide
Maschine MK3 - Complete guide

Learn your new Maschine MK3

With the release of the Maschine MK3, Native Instruments have upped the ante with the extent to which production tasks can be carried out directly from the hardware making it less like a midi controller or beat machine and more of a production instrument.

This course is designed to help you take full advantage of these features, presenting new and practical opportunities to streamline your workflow and – more excitingly – enjoy a more naturally creative production process.

Learn How To Confidently Write, Record, Edit, Mix, Arrange And More – All Directly From The Mk3 Hardware!



In this 20-part video course, experienced sound designer, Jonny Strinati shows you how to use the Maschine MK3 to write, record, edit, mix, arrange and more – all directly from the hardware.

By the end of this course you’ll be competent at navigating around the controller; browsing and loading sounds, instruments, groups and projects; adding effects to sounds and groups; using the Maschine mixer to balance your sounds and using the keyboard and chords mode to add melodic content.

You’ll also be able to confidently work with different grid settings; work with the sampler to record and edit your own audio; understand scenes and sections and how to create a basic arrangement; customise the pad mode for enhanced playability and beat creation; set up and use the perform FX, Lock Mode, Notes mode and macros; plus much much more!



  • Watch, Listen and Learn – our easy to follow video instruction shows you exactly how to use the hardware
  • 2 hours and 45 minutes of practical video instruction.
  • 20 walkthrough videos each demonstrating specific features of the Maschine MK3

> Introduction to MK3 Hardware and Basic Controls
> Browsing & Loading Files
> Adding Patterns
> Editing Patterns
> Further Pattern Editing
> Navigating
> Adding Effects
> Mixing in Maschine
> Adding Automation
> Keyboard and Chords
> Working with Grid Settings
> Introduction to Working with Scenes
> Sampling Part 1
> Sampling Part 2
> Pad Mode
> Note Repeat and Arpeggiator
> Using Macros
> Perform FX
> Lock Mode
> Notes Mode


Professional instruction from a working sound designer. It’s like having your own private tutor!

With his informative and approachable manner, experienced British producer and sound designer, Jonny Strinati, takes the confusion out of complex concepts.

Drawing on years of experience as both working professional and tutor he’s able to explain using appropriate examples and insights that give you both a genuine understanding of the Manipulator Software and actionable production skills.

Whether you’ve already got your hands on this sweet bit of kit or you’re contemplating a purchase you’re sure to find plenty of constructive and creative inspiration here.


Learn The Fundamentals of Maschine MK3

  • Introduction to MK3 Hardware and Basic Controls

From the back panel to setting up your hardware preferences through to the front panel. Get a thorough walkthrough so you start off on the right foot.

  • Browsing & Loading Files

Take out the guess work and learn exactly how to access your sounds, samples and FX faster in Maschine MK3

  • Adding Patterns

In this video you’ll learn how to add patterns to sounds and groups of sounds.

  • Editing Patterns

Get comfortable with editing patterns events using the MK3 hardware

  • Further Pattern Editing

Explore some of the editing capabilities of MK3 using the pads.

  • Navigating

Learn useful ways of navigating your patterns, arrangements and even the software in different ways using the hardware.


Explore Mixing and Arrangement Using the MK3 Hardware

  • Adding Effects

How to add fx, plugins and synthesizers, samplers, etc into sounds to build up FX and how to add them at different levels in your arrangement.

  • Mixing in Maschine

Learn some essential mixing functions to get you started with mixing in Maschine

  • Adding Automation

A great lesson on how to write automation into your patterns

  • Keyboard and Chords

Explore melodic creation using Maschine specifically the keyboard and chord buttons, pitch and modulation and exploring the touch strip.

  • Working with Grid Settings

Take a look at the grid settings and how to use them to optimise performance and playback.

  • Introduction to Working with Scenes

Learn how to start arranging your project using scenes and sections.


MK3 Creativity & Productivity

  • Sampling Part 1

Learn how to record both internal and external samples in Maschine

  • Sampling Part 2

Continue your exploration of working with samples in Maschine and how to edit them using the hardware

  • Pad Mode

Discover ways to customise how the pads behave in Pad Mode

  • Note Repeat and Arpeggiator

Learn how to apply the note repeat and arpeggiator on melodic content, drums and more

  • Using Macros

Learn how to set up macros on the Maschine MK3 and why they are so useful.

  • Perform FX

How to add perform effects to sounds and how to use them creatively in your productions

  • Lock Mode

Maschine’s Lock Mode lets you control a number of parameters in one easy click of a button. Find out how.

  • Notes Mode

Get some tidy melodics down using Notes Mode.

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