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Making Beats with Logic Pro X Logic Pro X is an ideal training ground for anyone wanting to...
Logic Pro X Beat Making Course
Logic Pro X Beat Making Course

Making Beats with Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is an ideal training ground for anyone wanting to perfect their beat making skills. From working with presets to synthesising original sounds; laying down beats to mixing and processing drums, you can do it all – if you know how! This 14-part video course takes you through all of Logic Pro’s most effective features and functions for producing and polishing quality beats. Learn how to make the software do your bidding with almost 3 hours of theoretical insights and step by step instruction.


Critical Skills That Will Make or Break Your Productions


Drummer & Ultrabeat

Using and Customizing Drummer Drummer is a great entry-level instrument for laying down beats in Logic. Dig beneath the surface and learn to fine tune some of the behaviour for more advanced editing and detailed control.
Ultrabeat Overview Ultrabeat can do many things; it’s a sampler, a drum synth and a step sequencer, however the GUI isn’t the easiest to navigate. Get up to speed with a features overview and start using Ultrabeat like a pro!

Drum Sound Design With Ultrabeat Get into drum sound design and explore Ultrabeat’s ability to both synthesise kick drums or low frequencies and shape noise to add sparkle to claps and hi hats.

Step Sequencing With Ultrabeat Ultrabeat features an advanced 32-step sequencer – a great way for creating complex drum grooves very quickly. Walkthrough the step sequencers features and learn how you can add dynamic control to drum sequences via parameter offset.


Programming & Workflow Tips

EXS24 and Multi-Output Use Begin programming your own EXS24 drum kits using the brush tool in the piano roll. You’ll also learn how you can set up the EXS24 sampler as a multi-output instrument, giving you the capability to mix and arrange drum sounds individually.

MIDI Tricks For Editing Drums Improve your workflow with MIDI editing techniques for editing drum grooves. First with MIDI transform Crescendo to create a drum roll and then using Time Handles to quickly apply complex sounding drum edits.

Sequencing Drum Sounds With The Arpeggiator Normally used on melodic sounds, Logic’s Arpeggiator MIDI effect is also very effective when used to sequence drums. Get practical tips on how you can use the arpeggiator to sequence both hi hat and percussion sounds.

Work Smarter And Faster, Gain More Control And Achieve Professional Results

Laying down beats is one of the most important parts of the music production process. From the sounds and the sequence to the rhythm and the tempo, you don’t need to be a professional to know that a tight drum groove literally makes or breaks a track. All it takes is those first few beats to set toes tapping, heads thumping and hearts racing, or not…

By the end of this course you will have all the skills you need to navigate and use the relevant sections of Logic Pro X to design your own drums sounds from scratch, arrange and edit drums and drum groups, fine tune and process your groove and so much more.

Expand your working knowledge of Logic Pro X, improve the way you make beats and the way you approach music production. 14 individual video tutorials equip you with practical skills and professional insights that you can apply to any project in every genre.


Synthesising Drums And Drum Kits

Drum Synthesis With Alchemy Logic’s Alchemy synth is a beast, capable of reproducing a multitude of different synth sounds. It is great for synthesising drum sounds thanks to the numerous sine wave, triangle and noise sources you have at your disposal. Discover the advantages of designing your own synthesised drum sounds from scratch with hands on instruction on synthesising your own kick, hi hat and percussion sounds.

Synthesized Drum Kit with Ultrabeat Build your own custom synthesized drum kit using Ultrabeat and explore professional techniques for sequencing these drum sounds.

Working With Swing & Groove Templates Discover just what you can do with swing in Logic Pro X, we discuss what it is and what it does and also how to effectively apply swing to both MIDI and audio regions. You’ll learn how you can extract a groove from an existing audio region and use the groove as a template for other regions in your projects.


Tuning, Processing & Mixing Drums

Tuning Drums with Flex Pitch Get a handle on both the theory and practice or tuning your drums to the key of your project, and also explore how you can use the Flex Pitch mode to do this.

Drum Mixing Tips 1: EQ, Transient Shaping, Stereo Spread Get pro tips for mixing and processing drum sounds, exploring EQ, transient shaping using the Enveloper and applying width to your drum mix with the Stereo Spread tool.

Drum Mixing Tips 2: Compression, Distortion, and Bus Sends Expand your skills further with more tips for mixing and processing drum sounds using compression, distortion and reverb and delay bus sends.

Drum Bus Mixing Tips Polish your beats to perfection with mixing tips for processing the drum bus. You’ll learn effective ways to compress, saturate, bitcrush and EQ the drum group.

About Your Tutor

With his informative and approachable manner, experienced British producer, Jonny Strinati, takes the confusion out of complex concepts. Drawing on years of experience as both producer and tutor he’s able to explain using appropriate examples and insights that give you both a genuine understanding of mixing and actionable production skills.

Professional instruction from a working producer. It’s like having your own private tutor!

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