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Learn Every Function & Feature of SynthMaster If you’re looking for that one synth that...
3 stars, based on 1 reviews KV331 Audio SynthMaster Masterclass
KV331 Audio SynthMaster Masterclass

Learn Every Function & Feature of SynthMaster

If you’re looking for that one synth that has it all, you could be tempted to hang your hat on KV331 Audio’s SynthMaster. This MEGA synth is a jack of all trades but with infinite sound options it’s quite easy to feel like you are a master of none. The SynthMaster Masterclass from ADSR is the most comprehensive and practical video course for SynthMaster 2.8 currently available. Presenting a full walkthrough of all the features and functions of SynthMaster along with plenty of tips, tricks and techniques to get you up and running and improve your workflow as you tackle one of the most powerful soft synths on the market.

Do You Want To Master SynthMaster in hours and make PRO music?


Part 1 – Introduction to SynthMaster

> Introduction This video covers the layout of the course and prepares you for what you need to know. Getting to know the synth This section takes some very important time to just explore SynthMaster and discover what it’s all about. Playing Sounds and Preset Browser This video looks at what SynthMaster can do sonically and gives you some tips and tricks along the way. Synth Header and Global Settings this video dives into the layout of the synth and discusses these two key elements of the GUI. Architecture part 1 Understanding the architecture and signal flow of a synth is imperative to being able to use it seamlessly as a creative tool in your productions. Architecture Part 2 This video expands on the previous section of the course.


Part 2 – Synthesis Modes

Layer Section Synthmaster’s layer view is unique and a little confusing. Learn how to navigate and use it to your advantage. Oscillator Layout This video introduces you to the unique oscillator layout in Synthmaster. Basic Synthesis Mode SynthMaster comes with 5 discrete synthesis modes and the basic mode is one of the highlights of the synth. Wavetable Synthesis SynthMaster even has wavetable synthesis as an option. Learn how to utilize this oscillator type. Additive Synthesis Mode This isn’t your typical additive engine. It’s a stack of 8 oscillators! Vector Synthesis Mode This unique oscillator mode allows for great performance oriented possibilities. Audio In Oscillator What synth is complete without having an audio in for doing things like Vocoding your voice or sampling a real world instrument?


There’s no doubt that SynthMaster is an impressive and powerful synth but its complexity is both its greatest asset and its biggest curse. Don’t let the impressive list of features overwhelm you! The SynthMaster Masterclass features just under 6 hours of expert tuition. Broken down into 30 individual video lessons that show you, step by step, exactly what things do while offering professional insight into when and how to use them. We’ve got you covered. Our world-class video tutorials will make you cool and confident as you take simple, powerful steps to build the sounds you hear in your cranium. Each knob, oscillator, control, tab and more is broken down into easy to follow instructions that get you up to speed fast. Rather than months and years of endless trial and error, you’ll be up and running within hours!


Echo Sound Works is an award winning sound designer and producer and one of the lead tutors on the ADSR network. He consistently reinforces his lessons with real world examples, integrating his personal sound design process every step of the way. That means you don’t just learn how to use the synth, but how to create with it as well.


Part 3 – Filters & Filter Modes

> Filters Part 1 One of the most complex sections of SynthMaster is the filer section. Synth master 2.8 comes with 5 filter Algorithms, each with multiples filter types. Digital Filter Types This video covers how to use the digital filter algorithm. Digital Filter Controls This section shows you how to use the various controls in the digital filter mode to sculpt your sounds. V Analog Filters SynthMaster comes with Virtual Analog emulated filters. This video covers how to use those filters. Ladder Filter The newly released (version 2.8) Ladder filer is an emulation of the Moog style filter. Great for basses and thick leads! Diode TB303 Filter The Roland TB303 is one of the most important bass synthesizer, this section will teach you how to use this filter to achieve the iconic sound. SFV Filter Mode State Variable Filters are some of the best most musical sounding filters in any synth. This video looks at how these compare in SynthMaster to the other filter types. Bite Filter Mode Learn how to use this filter mode for the classic Korg MS-20 sound. Filter Distortion SynthMaster allows you to insert distortion before, after and into the filters. Learn how to use this amazing tool to create richer, bigger sounds.


Part 4 – Modulation, FX & More!

ADSR Envelopes This video covers everything you need to know about the envelopes or ADSR in Synthmaster. MSEG’s MSEG’s are a great sound design tool and not every synth has these. Learn how to harness their power for your sounds! LFO’s SynthMaster has 2 different types of LFO’s and 3 different locations to use them. Learn how to make wobbles and other LFO modulated sounds in this video. Keyscalers A highly underused element in any synth. This video looks at something nearly every soft synth has, but hardly anyone uses. FX Routing SynthMaster comes with some of the most deeply integrated FX and X routing options of any soft synth. Learn how to use these routing abilities in your sound design. Modulation in SynthMaster With the new 2.8 release, modulation in SynthMaster is better than ever. Learn how to use both GUI/Drag and Drop modulation as well as Matrix style modulation. ARP The Arp in SynthMaster is very deep and robust. Learn how to use the various pattern modes, import MIDI and create sequences. Creating SFZ Files and Importing Sounds SynthMaster is capable of importing your own samples to use as oscillator generators, this video will show you how to crate an SFZ file.


Are you already cranking out brain-warping sounds with SynthMaster? No problem. This comprehensive video course will allow you to reach a whole new level of musical knowledge and creativity. Complex concepts are made easy to understand and employ right away. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to create clean songs where each sounds sits perfectly in the mix and doesn’t fight for frequency space. Every pro has a coach. Our videos allow you to get professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio. Play them over and over, as many times as you need to understand the lesson and add the new skills to your existing chops. These videos will fill in any gaps in your SynthMaster education and get you to the head of the class.


Since they launched, ADSR’s “Learn Every Function & Feature” video courses have helped countless producers, just like you, to gain expert command over their software and hardware tools. In a short amount of time, SynthMaster has become globally recognised as an immensely powerful and complex synthesizer, allowing producers of all levels to create an indescribable array of complex sounds. However, the same features that make it awesome can also be its downfall. If you find SynthMaster’s awesome bank of features too confusing, you risk relegating it to the dusty folders of your computer’s too-hard basket. With expert tuition and a few pro tips you can join the thousands of SynthMaster’s fans using this synth to create the sounds you hear on TV, on soundcloud and in your wildest dreams.

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