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Take the next step on your journey and learn genre specific music production skills. Make a...
Future House -  Any DAW - Start To Finish
Future House - Any DAW - Start To Finish

Take the next step on your journey and learn genre specific music production skills. Make a complete Future House track from start to finish, and take the skills you learn with you into your future projects.

Watch the course overview for a more in-depth look at what you’ll get out of the course, and listen to the track you will make

28 Lessons – 5 hours

Make Your Inspiration Reality – Get The Skills To Make An Addictive Future House Track in Any DAW!


Ready to make a complete and professional track, from absolutely nothing to the final mix and master? Let’s Do It!

With full step-by-step instruction throughout. The value for money in this course is second to none.

Our tutorials take months of planning and execution. Everything you are taught has the sole purpose of giving you the best learning experience and the greatest transfer of knowledge possible. Simple, powerful & fun.

Course Features

  • Instant Download
  • Any DAW compatible*
  • Only basic plugins and FREE instruments used
  • All audio, MIDI and presets are provided when you purchase a download or subscription

* Requires you know your way around your DAW of choice (not for complete beginners)

By making a commitment to yourself and taking a further step on your journey to become a better music producer, you are also supporting us, and enabling us to keep making these in-depth tutorials that help thousands of fellow earthlings around the world become better music producers like you.

About Your Tutor

Jon Merritt (producer, tutor & founder of Born To Produce)

Jon has been making tunes for over 20 years and has been teaching for the last 10 of them. In his career, he has come to grips with many genres of modern music from Hard House to Downtempo.

His skill in music production has been crafted over many years of self taught experimentation and learning from other producers at the top of their game. He has tried almost every angle on most production techniques, so when he teaches you something you know it has been tried and tested, and refined. He is always willing to learn new skills / software that further the goal of music production.

What are you going to get out of it?

Greater Experience

Perhaps you have successfully completed one of our beginner tutorials, or you are looking for new challenges, and new ways to inspire your music. As long as you know your way around your chosen DAW, you will be able to soak up all the ideas and music production experience given in this course.

A Higher Level Of Music Production Skills

These any DAW ‘start to finish’ tutorials are full of more advanced music production techniques, that will help you discover new producer skills. This unique style of teaching means you learn music production in a linear fashion, just like it works in real life. As you are learning every step of the song creation process, it naturally gives you the ability to finish more tracks.

Fresh Inspiration

In this course you’ll gain many inspiring ways to help you make your own music, including the steps required to get you there. Everything from complex melodies, to creating your own original Future House beats. The possibilities are endless and you’ll go away with a load of easy to repeat ideas that you can use in your own tracks.


If you have already completed one of our beginner tutorials you will know, there is nothing quite like the satisfaction felt when you complete a song. Going from the basics of creating a beat, creating a melody, arranging your track into a full song, learning to create the elements of your track, and mixing all of it together is something YOU WILL achieve on this course.


Module 1 – The Idea

We’ll start in the most natural way, with a simple single note melody. Something anyone could hum at any time. Once we have that down we’ll start looking at how to build on that idea, and we’ll get a basic lyric down as well, seriously simple stuff to start off with. And of course, all audio is provided in the download. We will continue building on that idea, adding more elements whilst learning about how you can get creative and repeat these steps in your own tracks.

Module 2 – Building On The Idea

Once we have the basic idea for the intro of our track, we’ll then learn how to build a chorus section that fits in with the vibe of what we have. This section also takes time to evolve into a fully formed chorus, but over time you’ll see how we use a blend of existing elements and new elements to create a unique and energetic chorus. All the while you will be learning how to add energy to your idea, using many techniques and free tools.

Module 3 – Sound Design

In this Future House tutorial we make a total of 5 sounds. We’ll show you how to make all these in the tutorial from scratch, but everything from the dark pad, the bass sounds, the arp and FX sound are provided in the download as patches that you can use in your own projects.

You don’t even need to know how synthesis works to take advantage of the power of using synthesizers in your projects. Even just a basic knowledge and curiosity will be enough that you can take basic presets and tweak them to your needs.

Note : We use a FREE VST synth called ‘Vital’ so we highly recommend you install it. We also show alternative free plugins throughout the course, so this tutorial is accessible to everyone, in any DAW.

Module 4 – Drums & Arrangement

Of course drums are a really important element of what gives house music it’s rhythm and energy. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to get a great house drum rhythm. Just follow the steps I give you and this will work every time, and you can customize it for any house track.

We’ll also look at fills and transitions in the chorus section so you get an idea of how to create tension and release between the sections and of course how to get big tension and release in the build up section and drop.

Module 5 – Powerful Vocals

A big part of this track and of many house and future house tracks is the vocal. It does not matter if you are recording a single phrase or a complete vocal with verses and choruses, this section is invaluable in helping you understand the tools and techniques you need in order to do this well. Once you understand the process you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve even recording your own voice and the possibilities this then opens up to you as an artist and producer.

Every step of recording and processing is covered, including the more creative side of chopping, pitch shifting and formant shifting, to get that modern vocal sound.

Module 6 – Mixing & Mastering

Lastly, you will learn the key skills needed to make sure all your mixes are as effortless as possible. Once you understand the four attributes of getting balanced mixes and how you can make that happen in your own mixes, things become much easier

Of course we will go through and mix the entire track and you will follow along with the whole process as we do it, learning all about the various techniques and why and when to use them in your own mixes.

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