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FL Studio Intermediate Course This is an in-depth music production course covering everything...
3 stars, based on 1 reviews FL Studio Intermediate Course
FL Studio Intermediate Course

FL Studio Intermediate Course

This is an in-depth music production course covering everything you need to know to create high-quality music that’s right up there with your favorite artists and producers.

This course will truly be the tipping point for those of you who have been producing for 3-4 years and are ready to understand what it takes to prepare your tracks as a commercial release.

Are You Ready To Release Music That Can Compete At A Commercial Level?


FL Studio Intermediate Course is LASER-FOCUSED to intermediate FL Studio producers.

Music production has changed a lot in recent years in terms of the loudness wars, loudness normalization (LUFS) and the information needed to produce high-quality music with BEST PRACTICES.

FL Studio Intermediate Course contains TONS of hidden tidbits; the information you’re wanting to know, but can never find within tutorials or forums.

You will learn best practices inside FL Studio 20 with a fast workflow, must-know keyboard shortcuts, and effective organization to make the most of your time as a producer.


  • 17 Videos covering mixing, arrangement, mastering (covering the new loudness normalization standards), and effective organization practices.
  • 4.5 Hours of straight-to-the-point content targeted specifically to intermediate-level FL Studio Producers
  • Taught by a well-respected producer within the FL Studio community.
  • Understand how to polish your track to have your music compete in the industry.


GratuiTous is a recording artist, music producer, podcast host, author, and course creator. He has worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated recording artist and has been producing music for over 10 years.

With over 18 music production courses created, 3 music production books written, and is the host of the podcast ‘Music Production Made Simple’, his goal is to empower producers to branch out and be themself.

He loves to teach best practices and bring awareness to powerful techniques while encouraging individuality. The most common feedback he receives from students is that “GratuiTous is able to break down complex topics into easy terminology to understand”.



Listen to What We Have:

  • We cover the track we’ll be working on in this course. We discuss the problems with the unmixed version, and how to get organized for our future steps.

Gain Staging + Overall Balance [MIXING]:

  • Learn what gain staging means in the digital world, best practices when using EQ and Compression, routing audio around the mixer with complexity signal flow, and actually mix the track one sound at a time!


Building Out the Song Structure:

  • Learn what the goal of arrangement is, how to actually arrange a song, and discover if your song actually flows. In addition, you will also learn about a term GratuiTous has coined called Audio Painting. Audio Painting is what GratuiTous uses to describe how we can communicate with our listener, and prepare them for what’s next in our song (by using transitions, and various other tools to communicate with our listener.)


Mastering: Preparing Your Track for the World:

  • Learn what the goal of mastering is, the process of setting up a mastering chain, discussing the loudness wars and loudness normalization, and how to actually master a track!

Exporting Music / Staying Organized:

  • Learn the best settings to export a song when getting your song ready for online distribution (iTunes, Spotify, etc.), and how to stay organized for the long-term with your music.

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