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Eventide Octavox - Features, Functions & Harmonic Processing A Deep Dive into Eventide...
Eventide Octavox - Beginners Guide
Eventide Octavox - Beginners Guide

Eventide Octavox – Features, Functions & Harmonic Processing

A Deep Dive into Eventide Octavox

Led by expert tutor Paul Nolan, this comprehensive video course will teach you how to master Octavox and use it to create professional-level harmonies, polyphonic synthesis, and arpeggios. You’ll learn how to generate natural-sounding vocal harmonies in real-time, transform your monophonic synths into polyphonic ones, and create intricate patterns and rhythms with the built-in arpeggiator.

With this Deep Dive Octavox course, you’ll have the power to elevate your music like never before and create truly unique and unforgettable compositions.

Master Octavox and create professional-level harmonies and effects with this comprehensive video course.


Octavox is an audio plugin that offers limitless creative possibilities for musicians and producers. It’s the perfect tool for anyone looking to add depth and complexity to their music, whether you’re working with vocals, synths, or any other type of instrument. You can use Octavox whenever you want to create natural-sounding harmonies, transform monophonic synths into polyphonic ones, or generate intricate arpeggios and rhythms. With our comprehensive video course, you’ll learn how to master Octavox and unlock its full potential.

Discover the surprising versatility of Octavox and unleash your creativity like never before.

While Octavox is primarily designed for use with vocals and synthesizers, there are actually a number of surprising “off-label” applications for this powerful audio plugin. Some producers have used Octavox to create unique sound effects and atmospheres, while others have used it to add texture and interest to percussion and drum tracks. Some musicians have even used Octavox to create unexpected harmonies and melodies by applying it to non-musical sources like ambient noises and field recordings. The possibilities are truly endless with Octavox, and once you master this plugin, you’ll be ready to fully explore less conventional applications to see what kind of creative ideas you can come up with.


This video course, “Getting the most out of Octavox,” is designed to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of how to use Octavox to its fullest potential. The course is divided into eight chapters that cover everything from the basics of the plugin to advanced techniques like vocal harmonizing and arpeggios. By the end of the course, users will have a solid understanding of how to use Octavox to enhance their music productions. Producer, Sound Designer and Educator, Paul Nolan works on a Melodic Techno track to showcase with plenty of practical sound design tips to make you a power user.

  • Runtime: 60 min of professional video instruction
  • Structured by function so you can easily find the right lesson and refer back to relevant sections in the weeks and months to come
  • 8 in-depth lessons each giving a thorough walkthrough of sound and vocal processing with Octavox
    • Introduction to course
    • Walkthrough & Features
    • The Basics
    • Convert any Monophonic Synth Polyphonic
    • Arpeggios
    • Vocal Double Tracking
    • Vocal Harmonizing
    • Course Wrap Up & Conclusion
  • Understand both theory & practice with an accomplished Producer and Mentor
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons

About Your Tutor

Sound Designer | Producer | Mentor

Paul Nolan has lived and breathed Electronic Music for more than two decades. Starting with his career at Cream, he has gone on to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Sasha, JunkieXL, Arthur Baker, and The Martinez Brothers.

In addition to being an Artist, DJ, Producer, and Sound Designer, Paul has dedicated his life to educating others. He has worked with prestigious institutions such as SAE Institute, SSR Manchester (now Spirit Studios), Point Blank, and many others, guiding the next generation of talent.

In this course Paul guides you through each interest area, providing helpful tips and insights along the way. His experience and expertise make him the perfect tutor for anyone looking to master the use of Octavox. With Paul’s help, you will be able to take their music production to the next level and explore new sonic possibilities.

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