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Compression Explained - From Fundamentals To Technical Use A focused video course that explains...
Compression Explained
Compression Explained

Compression Explained – From Fundamentals To Technical Use

A focused video course that explains and demonstrates essential compressors and compression techniques.

Compression – easy in theory but difficult in practice. In fact, it’s downright overwhelming! So many tools that promise to make your mix standout and tutorials and courses that promise to have you “master the art of compression in under an hour!” It’s no wonder that compression is one of our most requested course topics.

Here’s the truth: the only way to learn how to actually use compression is to understand the fundamentals and to train your ears to hear what your actions are doing to the sound. Which is exactly what you’ll learn in this course (and why we called it) “Compression Explained”

12 Comprehensive Videos – 1.5 Hours of Expert Tuition! Build Your Skills On a Solid Foundation.



Press pause on buying the latest plugins and feeling inadequate in online forums, the best investment you can make when it comes to making music is in yourself.

With the right knowledge and training you can give your creative talents the freedom to shine. Whether you sit on the spectrum from hobbyist to professional leaning and being reminded of these fundamentals is essential to getting your music to sound just the way you want it to.

In this video series you’ll go from first understanding the basic terms, to hearing, seeing and understanding the different types of compressors to then putting them to real use.

The course uses a range of compressors to demonstrate the theory but to get started all you really need is your DAW and the most important tool – your ears!

If you’ve ever felt like you missed the class on compressors and compression techniques, do your self a favour and watch this course!


Course Features

This goal of this course is to demystify compression and explain it in a way that a beginner can understand and a pro can put into practice right away.

Training your ears and mastering the art of creative compression takes time. This course will help you skip the trial and error and ensure you are on the right path to a perfect mix.

Clear and pratical – learn the what, when, where, why and how of putting together a full track from start to finish with Ableton Live and Push2.

  • 7 hours of practical, focused tuition!
  • 12 focused videos breakdown compressors and compression!
  • Ideal for Beginner to Intermediate level producers

About Your Tutor

Artist | Composer | Producer

Brent March is a composer, producer and educator, he’s also the host of ADSR’s weekly Sound Design Sessions livestream on YouTube!

Under the pseudonym Sound and Vision, composer and producer Brent March creates cinematic electronic music for motion picture with jazz and classical crossings featuring a distinct indie sound. based in the northernmost part of England, he takes inspiration from the stunning landscape and nature that lies on the doorstep of his studio. From ancient ruins through to glacial lakes and historic fells, many of these locations have found themselves woven into the fabric of Brent’s compositions through methods of sound design. His music is a fusion of organic instrumentation and synthesised elements, resulting in a contemporary soundscape. Working with a handful of publishers, his music can be heard across TV, film and advertising all over the globe.

Lesson Plan:

  • Introduction To Compression Explained
  • What Is Compression
  • Compression Control Functionality
  • Learning the different types of compressors


  • How, When and When NOT to use compression
  • Which compressor should you use
  • What is Bus Compression
  • EQ or Compress first


  • Parallel Compression
  • Side Chain Compression
  • Multiband Compression
  • Upward Expansion
  • MidSide Compression

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