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THE guide to music production using Ableton Push! Ableton Push is the world’s best controller...
5 stars, based on 8 reviews Ableton Push - Masterclass (Make Electronic Music With PUSH)
Ableton Push - Masterclass (Make Electronic Music With PUSH)

THE guide to music production using Ableton Push!

Ableton Push is the world’s best controller for Ableton Live – so much so that it feels more like you’re playing an instrument! In this course you’ll get taken through using Ableton Push for music production to get the most out of this incredible device, with 2 hours of world class tuition from one of the world’s top tutors.

Join Ableton Certified Trainer and music producer Simon Stokes (Soma Records) as he guides you on how to create music using Ableton’s latest Push controller.

“Simon has a passion to teach people with all levels of experience. I was a true beginner with Ableton. The work flow, tools and methods learnt across the course has enabled me to enjoy and be more productive with Ableton. “

– Andrew B

ableton certified trainer

12 Comprehensive Videos with 2 Hours of World Class Tuition – Learn From The Pros!

Ableton Push: Masterclass

This course will take you from your first steps with Ableton Push right through to structuring a track with this incredible device. From beginners to experts there’s something in here for you. Videos include: Videos include…

  • Introduction & Setup: Overview of Ableton Push controller and how to get it set up.
  • Display & Browsing: Learn how to load instruments using different methods, and how to get the most out of the display.
  • Pads & Step Sequencing: The pads are the star of the show! Learn how to use them to program drums.
  • Creating Variations: It’s easy to create 1 bar loops, but this session looks at extending those to interesting patterns.
  • Right Controls: Learn how to be creative with Note Repeat, Accent and all the other controls down the right side of Push.
  • Realtime Recording: Tapping in drum patterns can humanise your music to great effect – learn how to do it right!
  • Realtime Recording 2: Learn about further creative possibilities when playing in patterns in realtime.
  • Automation: Learn how to use both the Note Edit and Step Automation modes built into Push for dynamic sounds!
  • Customising Drum Racks: Swap out samples of preset drum racks or build your own from scratch with effects – get the most out of Push.
  • Scales: Learn how the incredible Scales function works on Push to enable you to play in incredible musical parts.
  • Recording Melodies: Learn different techniques for recording in melodies so you can create new parts in no time.
  • Session Mode & Arrangement: Learn about structuring your track in Session Mode and how to record a complete arrangement on the fly!

Ableton Push Made Simple!

If you own Push or the new Push 2, learning this incredible creative tool can be daunting. Want to get the most out of your controller? Look no further: Shoogle Studios have stepped up with this incredible new course.

With 2 hours of tuition on topics ranging from playing in drum patterns and melodies through to arranging a full track, this complete course on how to use Ableton Push for music production makes getting to grips with this device simple. Learn nifty tips and tricks along the way and unlock the full potential of this incredible controller.

The course is taught on Push 2 by one of the leading Ableton Certified Trainers who is an active music producer touring the UK and Europe, you know you’re in safe hands. Most of the course translates directly to the first generation of Push too.

With this course you’ll get:

  • 2 hours of world class tuition!
  • 12 comprehensive videos covering building up ideas using Ableton Push!
  • A solid structure for learning which builds your knowledge from beginner to expert!
  • Create your own tracks using the hardware only – ditch the mouse!

About The Tutor

Simon Stokes is a highly accomplished music producer and a world-class tutor.

Signed to the legendary Soma Records under his Petrichor alias, one of the top techno labels in the world, he has released his debut album Mångata (Mixmag’s album of the month) whilst playing a string of live and DJ performances around the UK and Europe.

Chosen as one of Ableton’s elite ‘Certified Trainers’, he also runs Shoogle Studios, Scotland’s leading electronic music production school.

Watch Simon play live as Petrichor:

” Simon Stokes is an excellent teacher and the course formats are great, building up knowledge in a way that makes sense. Highly recommend these courses if you’re looking to learn ableton and/or improve your production techniques. “

– Paul H

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