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Save 50% Buy this course as part of the Vespers Sound Design Bundle and save money! Find out...
Bubbles in the Jungle Production Template
Bubbles in the Jungle Production Template
Bubbles in the Jungle Production Template

Bubbles in the Jungle Production Template

Save 50%
Buy this course as part of the Vespers Sound Design Bundle and save money!

Every Music Producers Dream!

Real Ableton Live Templates in which Vespers allow you to deconstruct his latest signed release “Bubbles in the Jungle” and learn his techniques in the process.

Bubbles in the Jungle is a 102 BPM wobble bass infused glitch hop tune with a heavy dose of tribal percussion. Congas and bongos mixed and mashed with hard biting synth stabs and riser and faller style transition effects. But that’s not all, he’s pulled out all the stops to make this the Ableton Live Template Set Package the Best ever and you’ll soon see why…

With This Set You Get Everything
Vespers like to set or raise the bar on every product he creates, and never before has he been more proud to present to you the newest addition to his Open Source Ableton Live Template Set Series. As expected, he’s decided to include the actual full Ableton Live Template Set used to produce the tune in this package! As part of his Open Source Music concept, Vespers exposes the “inner-workings” of his music to allow you to gain an inside peek into and allow you to learn by deconstructing his tunes. You’ll get all the samples, patches, presets, and racks used so that you can add them to your production library and reuse them in your own projects.

The entire Ableton set folder complete with:

  • All the samples used in the track
  • Device patches and settings
  • Exclusive Native Instruments Massive wobble bass patch
  • A full Drum Rack loaded with a glitchy percussion kit
  • A dedicated snare processing effects chain
  • A dedicated kick processing effects chain
  • 3 Samplers for creating insane LFO transition effects
  • 3 custom Racks for Return Track Mayhem
  • A mastered .wav file of the final track
  • A special Session view setup for DJing & Performance

This tune includes both Ableton and third party plugins, so you can see every device he used in the tune. He’s used Ableton’s freeze function to freeze the tracks with third party plugins so you can still hear the track if you don’t have them. If you do, you simply unfreeze the track and you can see all the settings and patches used to perfect the sounds.

Production & Performance Template Included

Many have sought after the best process to properly translate a track from Arrangement to Session view for live performance. Included with the package is also a DJ-ready version. Vespers exported, sliced stems, and painstakingly organized a live performance template. Although highly recomended, there is no midi-controller necessary! However the performance template is optimized to perfectly complement nearly any midi controller. I personally recommend the Akai APC-40 or Novation Launchpad for maximum impact.

Vespers Personal Unreleased Rack: The Glitch Bitch

You’ll also receive one of Vespers personal favorite secret weapons: a custom master effect rack which he lovingly calls: The Glitch Bitch. This rack has been one of several secret weapons behind my energetic performances and productions and you’ll soon learn why. He simply couldn’t stand to hold back such an amazing tool from such an amazing and loyal audience! The Glitch Bitch is designed personally to be mapable to any 8 sliders or knobs, for powerful, real-time audio-mangling, multi-layered twisting, bending, reduction, filtering, and even pitching effects designed to blow the minds of anyone listening.

You Will Walk Away From This Set With

1. New ideas and inspiration for how to use Ableton and it’s Instruments and Effects
2. An easy method to prepare your tracks and organize your scenes and clips for DJing in Session view
3. Specially designed Effects settings and Racks for processing risers and fallers, instruments, bass, drums and synths
4. Tons of new sounds and samples to work with

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