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The SB01 (Space Bee) is the world's thinnest and first rechargeable analog synthesizer that...


The World's Thinnest and First Rechargeable Analog Synthesizer

The SB01 (Space Bee) is the world’s thinnest and first rechargeable analog synthesizer that has recently debuted on Kickstarter. Its features include a 16 hour battery life, a dual-layer step sequencer, a 360° bender joystick for pitch and filter control, and more.

Could we take the sound of an analog legend and craft it for the future? The answer–after years of development–was the creation of the SB01 (Space Bee) analog synthesizer.

While the SB01 is a new form of synthesizer, it may sound familiar to many–our inspiration was one of the sonic engines that laid the foundation of electronic music. We worked with Open Music Labs to create and carefully hone a 1:1 version of the signature circuits that bring it to life.
A 3340 voltage controlled oscillator feeds into a 4-pole OTA filter that makes for an iconic and unmistakable sound. Make it snap and sing with responsive analog envelopes, modulation, and portamento, or bring in external CV for deeper VCO and VCF control.
With the musician at the center of every decision we made, the design of the SB01 takes playability and portability to new levels. For us, true portability meant incorporating fully rechargeable battery power. A generous 16-hour battery life allows for extended usage between charges. In addition, the battery is user-replaceable to ensure an instrument that lasts many years into the future.
We created a flexible new step sequencer for the SB01, centered around fluid live performance and intuitive for all skill levels. Simply load a sequence by entering notes in order, along with rests or slides, and hit play. Patterns with up to 256 notes can be saved in 64 different locations.
While playing, queue up stored sequences with CHAIN mode or start them immediately with JUMP. In addition, we’ve included a unique MODULO mode for interleaving sequences. A sequence direction modifier and transpose latching function enable new possibilities, while the arpeggiator gives you several modes including random play.
A dual-sequencer means two different independent sequences can run simultaneously on internal and external tracks. This means you can drive external CV or MIDI gear with the SB01 keyboard, arpeggiator, or sequencer while having the same freedom onboard. To aid with performance, a color-coded layer feature always lets you see which track is active.
The SB01 comes with comprehensive connectivity to other analog and digital instruments, allowing it to act as a versatile controller in both a stage or studio setup.
Pitch and filter control along with vibrato can be added with the unique 360° bender joystick.
Take it back to the future with an optional keytar grip that offers 3-axis accelerometer control.


Pricing and Availability
The SB01 will be priced at $999 with an expected delivery of June 2020. You can visit the Kickstarter page to learn more.

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