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Ashun Sound Machines has made available the Hydrasynth, the new hardware wavetable synthesizer...


The Hydrasynth, Polytouch Wavetable Synthesizer, Is Now Available

Ashun Sound Machines has made available the Hydrasynth, the new hardware wavetable synthesizer that brings polyphonic aftertouch, 8 voice polyphony, 3 oscillators with up to 219 different waveforms, a 128-patch bank, and much more.


  • Polytouch keybed – The new ASM Polytouch keybed allows not only the standard velocity and aftertouch found on other keybeds but also fully polyphonic aftertouch.
  • Oscillators – The 3 oscillators allow you to choose from a selection of 219 single cycle waveforms.
  • Oscillators 1 & 2 a our WAVELIST mode. This mode allows you to pick and choose 8 waves, arrange them in the order you want, and then morph from one to another.
  • Mutators – Oscillators 1 & 2 are routed into MUTATORS. The Mutators allow you to modulate, bend and sculpt the sound. Each MUTANT allows you to choose from the following processes:
    • FM-Linear – for making classic FM sounds. Choose multiple FM sources, including external inputs.
    • Wavestack™ – creates 5 copies of the incoming sound and allows you to set a detune amount.
    • Hard Sync – This gives you those classic hard sync sounds.
    • Pulse Width – This will pulse width modulate ANY input sound.
    • PW – Squeeze – This is a different form of pulse width mod that creates a smoother sound.
    • PW-ASM – this mode divides the incoming wave into 8 slices and allows you to set how much pulse width mod will happen in each section.
    • Harmonic Sweep – this will sweep the harmonics of the incoming sound.
  • Mixer/ filter routing – The 3 Oscillators are fed into a mixer along with the Noise generator and Ring Modulator. The Mixer allows you to mix levels as well as pan the input source. There is a balance control that allows you to choose how much signal of each source is routed to filters 1 and 2.
  • Filters – The Hydrasynth has two filters that can be configured in series or parallel. The first filter has 11 different filter models, giving you multiple options for tailoring your sound. The second filter is a 12db per octave has a continuous sweep from Low pass to bandpass to high pass, similar to the way the classic SEM filter worked.
  • 5 Low-Frequency Oscillator – The Hydrasynth LFO’s feature a STEP mode that allows you to create patterns with up to 8 steps. Having 5 mini step sequencers gives you an amazing amount of possibilities for further shaping your sound. There are also 10 standard waveforms to choose from. The LFO’s all have delay, fade in, 3 triggering modes, smoothing, start phase, one-shot mode so that they can act as envelopes and BPM sync.
  • 5 DAHDSR Envelopes – 6 stage envelopes feature Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain and Release stages. The time settings for the stage can be set in seconds or in time divisions, giving you envelopes that play in sync to your song. You can also loop the envelopes to create LFO’s whose shape can be voltage controlled in the modulation matrix.
  • Modulation Matrix – With 32 user definable modulation routings, you will have plenty of ways to use the 29 modulation sources and 155 modulation destinations. Almost everything in the synth engine can be a modulation destination including the effects and arpeggiator. The Modulation matrix points themselves can also become modulation destinations. Modulation sources & destinations include the CV Mod In & Out jacks as well as MIDI CC’s
  • Arpeggiator – The arpeggiator allows for standard note arpeggiations but also has a phrase arpeggio built-in. Parameters like RATCHET and CHANCE will generate other rhythmic patterns with some randomness to add life and spontaneity to your performance.You can also modulate most of the parameters in the arpeggiator so imagine using LFO’s, Envelopes, Polyphonic Aftertouch or the Ribbon controller to modify your arpeggios in real time.
  • CV/GATE – MIDI – USB – Standard MIDI and USB/MIDI interfaces, plus CV/GATE interfaces for connecting to the modular world.
  • Main Controls -The Main system controls are where you navigate your patches, configure system settings and see parameters like the envelopes, waveforms, filters in the OLED screen.
  • Master controls – The Master Control section is where all parameter editing, patch naming, and Macro performing is done.
  • Macros – The patch MACROS are designed to allow the user deep control over the engine in live performance. The 8 assignable encoders and buttons can each be routed to 8 destinations. Complete sound transformations can take place with the press of a button or turn of a knob.
  • Patches – The Hydrasynth comes with 4 banks of 128 patches in total.
  • Effects – Pre-effects and post-effects give you some unique ways to process your sound. The delays and reverbs were modeled on some of the most popular effects on the market.

Pricing and Availability
The Hydrasynth keyboard and desktop version are priced at $1299 and $799, respectively, and are available for purchase via the ASM website.

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28, March 2024

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