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Meet radiator, a new "complete laser synthesizer" that aims to easily integrate laser...


Radiator Is A Laser Synthesizer That Synchronizes With Your Music

Meet radiator, a new “complete laser synthesizer” that aims to easily integrate laser shows into live performances by acting like a synthesizer in delivering vector and laser graphics with built-in performance and processing controls. It accepts 1/4″, MIDI and CV connections for syncing the lasers to your music, and can even output the sound of its lasers via it’s 1/4″ output.

Radiator Features

  • Shape Generators – This is where beams, abstract and other shapes are generated. The most basic settings give you the traditional sine and cosine waves that started the laser show craze back in the 1970s! Mix two waves together to make beautiful cycloid or Lissajous patterns. Other shapes give you even more complexity, and we hope to allow you to design and import your own shapes and line-art animations as well.
  • Color Generator – The color generator selects the beam color, either a single hue or complex cycling color patterns. The Color Generator knows how to synchronize with shapes and other modules to create images with smooth fades and evolving colors.
  • Transformer – This is where 2D becomes 3D! Shapes and colors are mapped into three dimensions allowing you to add motion, depth and rotation.
  • Clones – Repetition is beautiful, and that’s exactly what the clones module does. It allows images to be repeated in various ways such as in grids or radially. The result can then be moved and rotated to create dynamic and stunning images that appear to have a life of their own!
  • Modulators – Did we mention that nearly any control can be modulated in real-time? That’s right! It’s like having more hands! Each of the three modulators can affect controls on any other module. Want to have a shape get bigger and smaller? Or how about make the brightness fade up and down while also rotating the image? You can do it all with the Modulators. External MIDI and CV sources can also be used as modulation sources.
  • Master – Safety is of the utmost importance with lasers. The master section offers direct control of the size and brightness of the beams. A blackout button kills the beam instantly. If you need to step out for a moment, the safety interlock key switch ensures that nobody will activate the laser when you’re gone.

Pricing and Availability
Radiator, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, is offered for an early bird price of $500 USD and is expected to begin delivery in March 2020.

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