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► Get the full course ( free download ) : https://www.adsrsounds.com/product/courses/getting-started-with-maschine-jam/

Maschine Jam and the 2.5 update offer a completely new manner for groove creation and sequencing with Maschine.

The Jam controller – and the 2.5 functions that significantly extend the Maschine feature set – offers a new perspective on Maschine as a platform and creative tool.

ADSR’s Stephen Ellestad takes you through all aspects of the Jam controller and the new features of Maschine 2.5 in this introduction to Maschine Jam.

With almost two hours of material, this introductory course focuses on fundamentals and basic operation of Maschine using the Jam controller, with special focus on the new features specific to the Jam controller, including Notes mode, Perform FX, Snapshot Morphing and more.

He also examines features and functions that are significantly improved by the Jam controller – including the extended capabilities of Keyboard mode, Piano Roll sequencing and the Arpeggiator.

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Jam from the ground up, and leads into a further sequence of courses dealing with specific workflows and creative techniques with Jam, Komplete, and integration with other instruments and tools.

Course Contents

Part 1 – Introduction to Maschine Jam
a. Course Introduction and Overview
b. Jam Controller Tour
c. Using the Browser and Basic Functions

Part 2 – Recording Basic Beats & Rhythms
a. Recording a Basic Beat
b. Adding parts with Note Repeat
c. Working with the Step Sequencer

Part 3 – Melodics and Pitch Based Elements with Jam
a. Keyboard Mode
b. Piano Roll Sequencing
c. Scale & Chord Mode
d. Arpeggiator Basics
e. The Variation Engine
f. Notes Mode

Part 4 – Arranging with Jam
a. Arranging Overview
b. Looping, Arrange & Perform Grid

Part 5 – Mixing with Jam
a. Levels, Panning & Sends
b. Control & Automation Basics

Part 6 – Performance Tools
a. Perform FX
b, Lock Mode & Snapshots
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